Friday, August 31, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa Innes came to our house....

My parents stopped by our house on their way back from Leagues and Cities convention. My dad goes every year because he is on the town council. They get a weekend to themselves!! Well, my dad, he's a Doctor (Physician's Assistant), and he was not feeling well, so Savannah and Aubrey got out their doctoring kits and "Doctored the Doctor" Here's a picture of them doing so...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jessica Tagged me.

"I can't wait" tag Jessica, my cousin by marriage, tagged me like three weeks ago, and I just noticed it!! sorry Jessica. So here is my "Top Ten things I Can't Wait For" 1. I can't wait until Malin is done with his Masters so I can start school. I am thirsting for knowledge! 2. I can't wait til Savannah starts Kinergarten......ok I CAN wait for this, ofcourse, because I want her to be my little girl forever, but it's a big milestone for our 1st child!! 3. I can't wait until Malin and I get to go canoing down the Gila River next April with my side of the family. 4. I can't wait until I fit back into all my size 10 clothes. They are all sitting in my closet waiting patiently for me to lose this baby weight that should be gone by's taking longer with third baby. UGH 5. I can't wait til we get grass in our backyard. then we can roll around in it and look at the stars at night. 6. I can't wait til we go to Disneyland!! We have a Disneyland Fund in the bank(small at the moment), but we started a fund in the kitchen so the girls can see the money growing. They love finding change and going straight to the Disneyland Fund and putting there money in it. We were going to go this summer, but we decided to wait until Malin s done with this Masters, and Baby Malin is older and can walk and stuff. It's a great way to discipline too. If the girls are acting up, I tell them " You won't be able to go to Disneyland if you keep it up." It's working! The other day I did something wrong and Savanah told me, UHho mom, you're not going to Disneyland.!HAHA!! 7. I can't wait for ALL my brothers and sisters to get married and have children. Our kids need some Innes cousins!! 8. I can't wait for date night on Friday! Malin and I are in a babysitting co-op with4 families in our ward. So every Friday we have a babysitter and every 4th friday we babysit twelve kids for 4 hours. It's perfect!! 9. I can't wait til Christmas! I love Christmas. 10. I can't for the day when my weaknesses and imperfections don't hold me back. oh what a world that would be!!

Linda tagged me.....

Tagged . . . seven random things about me Linda tagged me, so here are seven random things about me...... 1. I DO NOT like sushi. 2. I have lost 7 pounds on the past 3 weeks!The yoga ball is my friend, and I got a great CORE workout to go with it. Perfect for the baby belly that I have acquired........Ugh 3. I broke my arm TWICE when I was 6 years old. The second one happened a week after I got my cast off from the FIRST time. I know, I'm evil knievel. 4. I'm obsessed with yard sales!! Give me all your change and I'll find you a treasure!! No seriously, the last yard sale I went to, this lady was going through a divorce so she was trying to sell EVERYTHING in her house before she had to claim it in the, I got brand new DVD's for $3, The cutest exercise pants from Express for 50 cents, cute red dishware for decor in my kitchen, and the cutest undershirts with the lace at the bottom. Oh gotta love those yard sales. I also got a brand new baby walker for $5! 5. I love reading.....obesessed with it. Every chance I get, I will read. 6. A year ago. last April, I went to New York and toured all the sights. What an experience! I also watched my brother compete at Internationals in the Lincoln Center with BYU Vocal Point. I went to the , NYC Temple and Statue of Liberty, GRound Zero, and more great places. 7. We had Maricopa Fire Department at our door last night at midnight!!Our Fire Alarm was detecting signs of Carbon Monoxide, so, just to be safe than sorry, we called 911, like instructed on the Fire Alarm, and they came out and tested for CO. Gratefully, it was just a defective Fire Alarm and we all got to bed by 1:00. Crazy night! So there's eight random things about me. I now tag DAYNA AND ESTHER!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Hallway gets a makeover

BEFORE .......................................................................................................................................................................................... AFTER With the help of my three kids.......I managed to paint the hallway in record time. 3 hours!!! I put the baby to sleep, put on a movie for the girlies, and went to town painting the hallway!! We had planned to paint it 5 MONTHS AGO when we painted the rest of the house............. but it didn't happen until now. SO, here it is! FINALLY done!! Wow what a difference it makes, especially since the old white wall was FLAT paint and it did not wash off well with little hands on it. This is also a surprise to my husband....he didn't know I was doing this. He always flips when I try to take on big projects like this. Surprise honey!! I did it, cleaned it up, and will STILL have dinner on the table. It was definately a good far. I still have another hallway to paint. Hopefully it won't take another 5 months to get it done. UGH. Malin is REALLY busy right now so I'm sure this is a relief to see this hallway painted. YEAH!!! It's done!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aubrey learned how to.....

GOPOOP ON THE TOILET!!!!! Yeah for Aubrey!!! She is officially a big girl. And guess what we are doing tonight.....we're having a poop party! Complete with Cake, ice cream, cookies and presents(dollar store presents.) We are so proud of the Aubrey smookies!

Savannah's Allergic Reaction..

Savannah woke from her nap on Monday with a rash all over her body. WE took her to the ER and she was having an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillin she was taking for her ear infection. She swellled up almost to the point that she couldn't open her eyes. Poor Savannah. After this experience, I think I'll go the natural way for clearing up ear aches.

Monday, August 20, 2007

What happened to our bed??

So Saturday night was pretty rough. Baby Malin was really clingy and would only sleep unless I was holding him. So he didn't go to his bed until 1AM. And then Malin had to be up at 5AM to make it to Priesthood leadership meeting at 6AM in Casa Grande. That woke all the kids up and so I just had them all come to Malins and my bed so we could all sleep for one more hour before we had to be to church at 8 AM!! I woke at 6:30 AM to this picture.........

OH the joys of parenting......I love my kids

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Date Night: Lifetime Fitness

This is Malin writing. I thought I would take a couple of minutes and write about our wonderful date night. I love my wife. I have always wanted to go and checkout Lifetime Fitness. If you have not been to this gym, you need to. It is a blast. They have everything. We live way to far for us to have a membership and its a bit pricey. So, I decided to take my beautiful wife there and we signed up for a free week. We started out with some cardio, then on to the weights. After about 1 hour, we went down to their pools. The outdoor pool, was a salt water pool. It was so nice not to have our eyes hurting from the chlorine. Everything was so refreshing. It was a cheap (free), however enjoyable date. We are also in a babysitting co-op with members in our ward. It really is a great way to have date night. Fun times!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My BIG Helper

Aubrey think she knows how to feed Baby Malin....she is learning!!! wo watch out for his eyes! sweet messy face!!!

Savannah started Preschool !!

Miss Savannah started preschool in the Letter Bugs Preschool last week. She loves it! I just LOVE hearing her tell me all the things she is doing when I pick her up from Preschool. I debated whether to teach her myself or put her in a formal setting. I decided she needed the formal setting to get her ready for a year. My baby is growing up to fast!!! It's sad and happy at the same time. She is really asking some complex questions lately and tells me often that it's hard to grow up. She would rather be my little girl forever. I would love that, but lifes not always fair and soon I will have to send her into this crazy world and pray that she will CHOOSE THE RIGHT. Savannah is my shining Star.

Am I addicted?...

So I just got back from the book club that I am in and man was it a good discussion. We read and discussed the first two books of Stephenie Meyer's "Vampire" series. Twilight and New Moon.....whoa they are good!!! I can't believe I liked them. But once you start reading them you cannot put them down!! Our discussion lasted 2 and a half hours!! I just got the third book, Eclipse, and plan on reading it ...tomorrow. AAAHHH! My house will go to pot again while I read my book....but oh is short and I want to read my book. So there. Laundry and dishes will have to wait. If you are looking for a good book to read in your leisure, I give these books 5 STARS. Happy reading! Beware, you will become I am.

BYU Vocal Point He Is Born

Here's "He is Born" with Ryan as the soloist. They took 1ST IN INTERNATIONALS with this song. Love it!!

BYU Vocal Point - Home

Ok, I know some of you have seen this, but I just wanted to post it on my blog. My brother Ryan is part of BYU's 9 part accoustic accapella men's quartet. These 2 clips are him performing the solo "Home" with back up accoustics, and the second "He is Born" actually won them 1st place at internationals in New York City!!! He is amazing!!(Ok I'm just a little biased....what can I say he's my brother.) If you want to see more of their performances, go to and type in "Vocal Point" in the search line. They sing alot more songs on there. Right now he is in Nauvoo performing with Vocal Point. He told me that this past Monday night they sang "Praise to the Man" at Carthage Jail. What an amazing experience for him. He is trying out for American Idol. You might just see him on TV in January. GO RYAN!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

We must be crazy......

So on August 3rd, Malin and I, Nelson and Kelsey, Dayna and Glen, and Jacob hiked up to a peak right above our cabin. We like to call it "Baldy". Because it's all rock at the top. It was about a hour and a half hike one way. So three hours it took us. It rained the whole time too!! I definately got a good workout...felt like I was squatting for three hours! Especially on the way down, because we went straight down the cliff instead of going on the trail. WOW, what a rush!! What a beautiful world we live in. Mom Lewis and Aunt Janae watched our three kiddos so we could do it. Thanks mom! MEMORIES!" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="high" scale="noscale" salign="l" wmode="transparent" flashvars="cy=bb&il=1&channel=504403158271182934&" style="width:400px;height:320px" name="flashticker" align="middle">

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lewis Lodge 2007

July 27th August 6th we all went to the Lewis Lodge on Mt Graham. All Malin's 8 siblings and spouses and their kiddos and the parents where able to be there. What a JOYOUS time we had. This slide show is pics of the the first 4 days. We had so much fun! We even saw a bear 50 yards from our cabin. click on "view show" below for pics. Can anyone help me figure out how to put the slideshow on here?" height="360" width="480">

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


What a fun time we had at the Splashpad! We went on July 25th. The kids absolutely loved it!! Here's my Aubrey and Baby Malin in the water relaxing. Aunt Tylynn helped put Baby Malin in the water so I could get pictures of him without ruining my camera with water damage. She had a good time. Not a chore at all to take care of him:) Savannah splashing in the water.

Malin went SURFING......

There's my man going surfing in San Clemente, California. Isn't he a stud? He got invited to go with our the teachers Quorum(now Priests) that he taught in our old ward in Tempe, Grandiew Ward. He really loves the idea of surfing and would like to go more often. We are trying to go again in September. and Camp on the beach. It's only $20 a night to camp in a RV park by the beach. Malin loves these boys. Here is Malin and his brother in Law(Seth Keeler, the YM President) with the Boys at Killer Dana, a surf shop in Cali. HEre is one of the boys actually getting up on the board!! It think it's Mark Jones. Here's a view of the beach. Is was overcast most of the time, about 67 degree weather. A wetsuit is recommended when surfing because it helps to preserve your energy and keep you warm in the cold water.