Friday, November 28, 2008

Santa's Wonderland at Bass Pro Shop 11/22/08

Bass Pro Shop has an awesome Santa's Wonderland with free pictures with Santa, free crafts, and letters to Santa, and Red Ryder Beebee gun shooting range. We went most of the the Lewis Cousins. It was a great night!Savannah and Aubrey told Santa what they wanted.
Baby Malin didn't cry...he just stared.
Savannah is telling him she's five.
The girl cousins writing letters to Santa. Savannah wants clothes, shoes, camera, and Aubrey wants a doll, princess book and a Princess Wii.
Savannah putting her letter in the mail.
Aubrey putting her letter to Santa in the mail. They saw Santa come and get the letters out of the mailbox. He's going to send them an email when he gets the chance.:)
Cousins playing London Bridges while the daddies look at guns.
Most all of the Lewis Cousins. Savannah, Elias, Malin, Caylin, Kade, Aubrey, Malaya, Nickie, and Emma. NOt in the picture is Carson, Amrie, Kaia, Brooklyn, and Bryson
Best friend Cousins!! Savannah Lewis, Caylin Keeler, Malaya Keeler, Aubrey Lewis, Nickie Keeler

Winter Piano Recital/Sarah's Piano Studio 2008

Students ready for the Recital
All the Students including my very own Savannah......she is ready to really start this next semester.....her interest in piano has really peaked lately. I had the Recital at Aunt Esther's house.....she lives right behind us. It was perfect. Thanks Esther ad Jesse! We are so grateful for you. I gave each student a certificate and also a huge symphony bar with the saying, " Since you do so well at playing symphony's with your hands, you deserve to have fun EATING symphony's with your hands." They all did so well. I had a student that was asked to accompany for the High School choir, so I helped him with all the songs, some very hard, and he had some special guests from the choir come and sing while he accompanied......accompanying is SO different that performing.

Winter Grass= Happy Kids and Green Feet or Green Kids and Happy decide.

This is what Winter Grass will do to kids that don't like to wear feet
And Happy Kids!!!!
The kids love playing in the Winter Grass. It's so fun!!
Baby Malin........not kidding.....he loves to pose.
Sisters playing with Aubrey's new Tinkerbell globe from Aunt Esther.

Money in the Mail.....for Aubrey

Aubrey got Birthday Cards from three GRandmas and they all had money!! We went to Build a Bear and she got a Cute ballerina bear with her money.....picture coming!

Pajama, Pink Pancake, Princess Pinata,Presents, Pillow Party!!! Aubrey's 4th B-day Party Nov 15th

Aubrey had her cousins Malaya and Caylin stay the night before her party. They all ended up in the same bed. It was too cute. Jorga, Savannah, Malaya, Caylin, Aubrey, and Claire had fun jumping in their pajamas on the trampoline. The Princess Pinata!!
Mister Malin
Cousin Emma
all the Kids CANDY!! Savannah gave Aubrey make up!
Claire gave her Sleeping BEauty!
Jorga gave Aubrey this fun plate!!! We made a SANTAS COOKIES plate.
Malaya and Caylin gave these FUN princess walkie talkies
The PINK Cake
All the kids eating Pink Pancakes
Wearing the ends of the Pinata as a hat. FUN!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Aubrey turned FOUR!! She's Big!!! Nov. 14th

On November 14th Aubrey reached the ripe old age of FOUR. She feels so big and can now do so many things JUST because she's four. She got to eat pink sparkle pancakes on the red birthday plate for breakfast. We had to do it early because Savannah leaves so early for school......7 AM. She was SO excited about pink pancakes!
She got one present that morning from MOm and Dad.......Cinderella Polly Pocket! She loves Cinderella. She will get the rest of her presents at her birthday party on Nov. 15th.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Shining Star

This is Savannah's first day at Big Girl Preschool....she has grown so much since this picture. I love my little sweetheart, especially when she gives me hugs unexpectedly and tells me she loves me. I'm so grateful that I get to be her mother and I hope she knows how much I love and adore her. She is just a joy to have in our family. I now tag Diana, Lisa, and Leah. Open your fourth picture folder and select the fourth picture and tell us about it.

I can do Hard things....

I am officially done with PSY 300. I made it!! I got a 98.7% I feel so free! No homework for 2 months.....but wo, it's not getting any easier, baby is due in 13 days. Yikes..... Any ideas on names? We are having a hard time deciding...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

6.00, a little paint.....and some free time.

So I LOVE YARD SALING. Yet, I never blog about my finds. This one is worth blogging about.
So I got three of these dusty old frames at a yard sale. They are solid wood, homemade, with plaxy glass so it's safe for children. I got ALL of them for a whopping 1.00 TOTAL. So I was determined to make them our own. We got the pictures from Uncle Wick and I got them blown up for 4.00. Then I bought some black paint. I painted the frames black, made the picture mats with black construction paper that I painted black to match the frames and.........scroll down to see the final......I made a master piece!!!!

Winter Grass, a New chair......and a sneak peek.

We planted our winter grass again and it is growing like weeds! Malin got some great shots of baby Malin totally engrossed in the grass. Miss Savannah was peeping Tom over the fence. We had to have a little talk about not looking over the fence at our neighbors.
Miss Attitude Santa Girl.........We got the Christmas decor down and she just had to wear the hat. And wear else can you wear a santa hat, a skirt and short sleeve shirt all at the same time in the month of December?
He was digging the can barely see the shovel.
These two are so loveable. I love it. Notice my new chair. I got it at Savers for 15 bucks! I love the good deals. And here's a sneak peek at our Christmas Decor. This is a part of the Snowman Collection. It looks really neat at night when we turn on the lights that are hidden under the fake snow. Every year I buy 1 snowman, and if people give me more, then yeah!! This year I found 3 at yard sales and spent a total 4.00. I feel good about that price for a small collection of mine :)