Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brock's Blessing

This past Sunday we went to Pima, AZ to be with Drew and Rikki for the blessing of their first son, Brock Thomas Innes. Drew is my brother.Cute Brock.All the family from Drew's side that was at the blessing.
Ashlyn at 2 weeks and Brock at 8 weeks.
Sweet Ashlyn. Jilliand and Leisel made this cute headband while we were there. We also got black, white, pink, and brown.
Our growing family......like my cheeser?!
Lamar and Chelsea. They are getting married on Dec 27!! yeah!
Great Grandpa Richardson and Baby Ashlyn

Pretty Tree and Pretty Kids

I got the kids fresh out of the bath and got their warm pajamas on for a cute pic in front of the Christmas Tree. The results are comical.

Gingerbread adobe shacks, happy kids, and chubby cheeks

Malin worked late on Dec 12th, and we missed him, so we distracted ourself my making gingerbread houses!! But.......they didn't work like we wanted them to.....here's the final product. Gingerbread Adobe Shacks
But it was still so sweet and fun!!!
Malin didn't help, he just ate all the candy....and he was wired!!!
Ashlyn slept through it all....ofcourse.

I did it...I surprised him!!! Happy Birthday Malin Warren Lewis

My sweetheart Malin, turned 29 on December 12. I surprised him by inviting all his siblings to meet us at Serrano's for a surprise party. I was successful and kept it a secret!! He was much appreciative, as he is with everything else in his life. Every year I gain more love for him, and I am so grateful he still loves me, despite my faults and weaknesses. Here are a few reasons why I love him: 1. He is extremely handsome, even with the extra pounds of love he has gained in the past 7 years. 2. He is very positive about everything in his life. 3. He has a strong desire to be obedient in every area of his life. 4. He makes me laugh and forget my worries just when I need it the most. 5. He works hard so I can stay home and be there for our children. 6. He knows how to get our kids to step outside the box......sometimes only a dad can do that. 7. He has wonderful hands. They are so manly. I love his hands. 8. He makes a mean omelet. 9. He has a contagious laugh. 10. He is passionate. 11. He loves to be with his family. 12. He honors his priesthood. 13. He is loyal to me. 14. He knows the importance of having a family. 15. He sees the big picture. 16. He is a people pleaser. 17. He bears his name well. 18. He lets me win acquire....sometimes. 19. He's forgiving. 20. He likes to get up and go!! And the list goes on. Happy Birthday Malin!! I love you more than you'll ever know. And just remember, next years the big 30!! Beware!!

Ashlyn at 4days old, 1 week old and her first bath at 9 days old

When the kids came home from Ajo, they came running in to see the baby. These are the pictures from that first meeting of baby and children at home. They are in love with her. Aubrey often says, "Mom, I can't stop smiling." I ask her why and she says, " Because that girl(referring to Ashlyn) is SOOOOO cute." Baby Malin was so intrigued by her.
All the kids.... please excuse Aubrey's hair in her face.....she had a fight with the scissors.
This picture describes Malin's feelings about his new sister.
I am in love with her cheeks. She is such a good baby!! Nurses like a maniac. Sleeps well. Did I mention I love her cheeks.... this is Ashlyn Lewis at 1 week old.
Her first bath in the sink after he umbilical cord fell off. Daddy was at work and the girls were sleeping so it was just me and Malin and Ashlyn. Malin was so mesmerized by Ashlyn taking a bath in the sink.
He stayed right here the whole time and just watched. He loves giving the baby kisses and always wants to hold her.

Ryan on LDS Radio

My brother Ryan has done it again! Click on the link below to hear his "New Artist" Interview with Greg Hansen. He also sings his new version of Silent Night along with other songs he's written. http://www.yldsr.com/segments/new-artist-show.html

Thursday, December 11, 2008

5,4,2,newborn......hang on for the ride.

Life is very interesting around our house these days. You're probably wondering how we're doing?! Well I never thought I could be so unbelievably busy yet be so happy all at the same time. Although I am up all hours of the night, and then have to wake up at 6 AM to be out the door by 7 to get Savannah to school, I AM EXTREMELY grateful that my husband still has a good paying secure job that provides for our growing family. Iheard on the news that there is 537,000 people unemployed. WOW that is a staggering number. I am grateful. Let me tell why I'm a little nervous also. So, you remember my post awhile ago about my brother Lamar coming home from his mission. What a great kid he is.Well..... He's engaged. To be married. On Dec. 27th. Yep, the lucky girl is Chelsea. She's a sweetheart. And the reason I'm nervous is because my baby will be appx 28 days old. In the middle of RSV season. And I've only had 28 days to recover. Pray for us. On to other things.... Savannah is a wiz kid in school. She can say phonograms like no other. She loves reciting poems. AND SHE'S SUPER DUPER excited for her Christmas Music Concert Next week. She sings her songs all day. She is especially into "fancy" clothes as she describes them, and loves getting dressed up. She always surprises me with her common sense comments. Aubrey is my fireball. Never a dull moment with her these days. I can tell she has had the hardest time adjusting to baby Ashlyn. She needs a little extra attention these days. She is extrememly into crafts and always asks when she can do the next craft. SHE loves, loves, loves preschool. She is always asking me how things work and why the sky is blue and not green.?! She is a thinker and I know she will be successful when she grows up because of her strong will to learn new things. She can write her full name and always asks me how to write words. She loves to watch Savannah do her homework and learn from her as well. Baby Malin, where do I begin? He is nonstop! That little boy is a crack up!! He loves to hold the baby. He says " Hold ha". He's ALWAYS kissing her. I'm surprised Ashlyn isn't sick yet because of Malin's running nose always in her face. I found him looking through Daddy's tool magazine looking for "big trucks" and making all the sound effects. Made his daddy proud. the first thing he says when he wakes up is "lo lo" which means cereal. Daddy, works hard. Did I mention he WORKS HARD? He is wonderful. I love him so much. I don't say it enough. I LOVE HIM. If you saw the post he wrote about me, then you know how wonderful he is. His happiness is contagious. He is always striving to perfect himself. He always cracks me up with his silly comments. He likes to tease. Sometimes I have to remind him that he can't joke with the kids so much because they take it serious. I think he learned that trait from growing up with a house full of girls. His brother's the same way.( Love ya Nelson:) But somedays all I need is Malin's sense of humor to remind me how easy I have it . Tomorrow is Malin's birthday.....I'll let you know how it goes when it's over....... Other odd facts I want to write down: We turned our garage into a play room. It's still a work in progress, but it does the job for now.....and that is keep all the toys in one spot. My brother Ryan just finished recording the theme song for EFY 2009. It's called the "The Gift" and he sings a duet with Jennifer Jordan Frogley. Tell all your teenage friends that Sarah Lewis's brother is on the EFY CD. I'm famous now right??...... I have an ANGEL that lives behind me. Her name is Esther and she is wonderful. She has saved me so many times. I am so grateful that they moved by us. (they meaning Esther and Jesse, our bro and sis) Just today she took Baby Malin while the girls where at school so I could take a much needed nap. I love you ESTHER!! I have wonderful friends who have helped me out so much with the recovery of my delivery!! I love you all!! I have an Angel Mother!! She is wonderful! She came and stayed with us and did SO much for me. I love you mom!!! I have wonderful in laws who watched the kids for us while we were in the hospital and a few days after..They are Angels too!!!thanks you guys!! And thank you to everyone for your nice comments on my last post. Eventually, I will add the birthstory to it.....so keep checking. oh, and I just heard on the radio today that sugar has the same effects on your body that drug abuse has on your body. Wo, that's scary. So, I AM STOPPING ALL SUGAR. NO MORE SUGAR.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ashlyn Lewis is Born. November 29th, 08

Ashlyn Lewis
Born: November 29th, 2008
7:56 AM
8 lbs. 12 oz.
20 inches long
Chandler Regional Hospital