Friday, August 29, 2008

Malin's latest Coyote Hunt

K, if your husband likes to hunt, he needs to read this post. Malin wouldn't let me get away with not posting's so AWESOME AND AMAZING. Here's why: Last weekend Malin and his buddy, Mark Glazier, went hunting and it was a great success because: 1) Mark finally got his first coyote and 2) Malin was able to shoot his at about 350 yards and it was running. Wow what an amazing shot. Malin has really enjoyed getting outdoors and learning how to call these predators. Mark Glazier with his first coyote ( Nice job Mark! ) These Men love to get all decked out with all there camo. I am sure there will there will be future post of there hunts to come. Stay tuned..........

Trampoline Fun, Co-op and Playtime at the Mall

The kiddos had a great time playing on the trampoline with their swimming pool.
Savannah was invited to a birthday party at Build a Bear by her good friend Kiley. The kids had a great time at the play place while we waited for Savannah. Little Malin posed so cute for the picture, see below for a closeup of his cuteness. Look a likes..... Co-op started two weeks ago and little Devron and Malin are buddies....not to mention that they look so much alike. They are hilarious to watch......they love to wrestle.
Savannah and Brynn Mix playing in the Rose Petal Cottage.

Savannah's first week of school...

Finally, Savannah has begun school. Her first day was August 25th. I told myself I wasn't going to cry, but I did.....the first day......and the second and the third. She is so precious. She is learning to adjust to the school routine, slowing making new friends and doing so well on her homework. She is half day right now, but will go to full day in a couple of weeks when her campus is finished. She is in a Charter School and we couldn't be happier with it. She loves picking from her wide array of uniforms:) and especially loves all the new "hairdudes" that mom does on her. Cari W., thanks for the link list on your blog of all the cool hair do ideas.
We are so happy that Ethan is in her class. Ethan thinks "she's pretty":). They were in Preschool together and we also do Friday night Babysitting co-op with his family and 3 other families. Standing in line.Savannah doing Bubbles and Duck Tails in preperation of walking to her classroom. Savannah running to her classroom.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Big Changes....

Our little family is drastically changing. Besides the fact that we will be adding another little sweet thing in Dec. 1 ........ Here are the other changes: Savannah starts her first day of Kindergarten in approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes.(11:40) Malin starts his first day of WIU next Monday. Aubrey starts Co-op Preschool next Tuesday with Claire, Christian, and Kohler. And Sarah will be starting her first online class at UoP...tomorrow! Bachelors of Psychology is the goal. Just call us nerds.....we are all about to step into the world of school. For some of us, this will be the first class in 6 years, and for some the first class in three weeks. Nevertheless, we are excited, ready, anticipating the anticipation and trying not cry when Savannah goes to school all be herself for the FIRST TIME EVER. More updates will be soon to follow.Hopefully they will not be posts of insanity but posts of growth and knowledge. Tata for now.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Leisel the Deisel...

Happy 17th Birthday to my little sister Leisel!
Even tough she's 17...she's still little! she's 4 foot 11 inches and weighs 105. Sorry for the stats sweetie.....but you are just so dang cute! Leisel will be a Senior this year and she is captain of the Spiritline, not to mention that she took ALL AMERICAN CHEERLEADER at Spirit Camp this summer. She was only one of 2 picked out of 500 girls. She was also chosen to be eligible to apply for the spot of a NCAA cheerleader. That means she will get to be the one that teaches all the girls at Spirit Camp. That's a pretty big accomplishment for such a little girl. Not only is she a cheerleader, but she is also Student Body Vice President, Gold medalist swimmer, an accomplished pianist at level 9, only 3 more levels to go, and the list goes on. Leisel, we at the Lewis Life send our love to you all the way in Thatcher, AZ and hope you have a wonderful day!! WE love you Leisel!!
Dress us day at Spirit Camp......

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Picture Tag

So, I rarely do things like this, but I thought it would be good for history's sake
to see what our house looked like on 8/14/08.
The idea is to make a tag with 10 different pictures of things in your house. And you can't rearrange anything beforehand. This is the best time to do because all the kids are gone to Grandma lewis's house for a cousin's party and my house is CLEAN. So, here goes!
1. The Fridge. I just went was really empty before I went so, there you have it,
the Fridge.
2. The Closet. Here is our closet. Notice all the plastic hangers, I have a thing for plastic hangers, no metal ones here. The lightbulb burnt out a couple nights it's a little dark in there these days. Nothing like dressing in the dark.......
3.The Bathroom. This is our Master Bath. The door goes to our closet. It's all white for the time being, but I want to paint it some fabulous color very soon. Any Suggestions? Our Master Bedroom is the color Painted Turtle so it needs to coordinate with that.
The beloved bath tub in our bathroom. Time is well spent here.
4.The Laundry Room. Ah, yes, a good day for the laundry room. you don't want to see it on a bad day.
5. The Kitchen Sink. Dishes were done this morning at 7:30 AM right after I woke up. yes that is sleeping in for me. Regular rising time is between 5 and 6 AM. 6. The Self Portrait.
7. Favorite Room. This was a tie between the office/piano room and Baby Malin's Sports Room.
This is a collage I made of some of Malin's sports cards and game tickets. Love it.
The boy's bed. 8. What are the kids doing?
WELL, the kids are on their way home as I write I better write fast. They had a wonderful time in Ajo, AZ with all their girly cousins. I will post pics of soon! I miss them so much. Especially Baby Malin. He's such a mama's boy. But Grandpa Lewis took him so he wasn't that sad when he left because he loves his PAPA. It was nice to not wake up to MAMA at 5 AM for 2 nights. But I love it and I actually miss it!
9. Dream Vacation.....
Puerto Vallarta , Mexic0

This is where my husband served his mission. We hope to return there someday and visit all the wonderful people he met there. He also served in Guadalajara, TLaque Paque, Jalisco, and more that I can't pronounce.

10. My Favorite Shoes . My Sunday Wedges. I love, love love.

THere you go. A tag done by Sarah. I apologize to all the others that have tagged and I haven't done it..........I tag, Jen Mix, Linda(I want to see your new house) Martha, Jolene George, and anyone else who wants to!!!

SunSplash!!! August 9th 08

Mom and Dad came to pick up Tylynn on August 9 and also do some school shopping for my little sisters(their not little anymore....but anyways) They all stayed with us Friday night and we had pizza and watched the opening ceremonies of Summer Olympics in Beijing 2008. Which were amazing by the way. SO amazing. Saturday afternoon Savannah got to attend a Birthday Party for her friend ALYSSA FRARCK and she had fun dressing up as a princess for it. She had a blast. Aubrey wanted to go SO bad so I distracted her by telling her that her Birthday is in 3 months and we need to start planning it! So, ofcourse, that's all she talks about. Aubrey loves having friends. After the party, Savannah, Aubrey and I made our way up the Sunsplash in Mesa for the 4 to 8 pm special with Grandma and Grandpa and the girls. Daddy and Baby stayed home to get some much needed homework done. Here's a few pics of the fun the girls had. If only I had a picture of me being a beached whale in the wave pool.......oh what am I going to do with this pregnant body. I even went on the tube slides, yes the tube slides, at 5 1/2months pregnant. It was so fun!!! Savannah and Aubrey got to go with Dad and I on the double tubes. Not to be negative, but when you go to Sunsplash, please remember to use selective's amazing what people think passes as a swimsuit! I just couldn't believe my girls eyes even had a to be covered a few times. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for passing up the hotel so we could come along with you to Sunsplash! Grandma even bought S & A some school clothes. Thanks Grandma. I guess that's what happens when you're kids are the only grandkids so far............

Aun Tylynn stays with us.......August 2-9 '08

Aunt Tylynn, my Baby Sister, came home with us from the Reunion. She'll be 10 in October. She was so fun to have around the house! I'm sure I called on her a little too much to help me, and if you ask her, she'll tell you that she prefers being the baby of the family instead of the oldest. She was definately the oldest at our house. But, it was good for her to realize that she's old enough to help! We love our Tylynn! We had a fun time at the Desert Aquatcs Center in Chandler. Ty was a pro at the slides and even talked Savannah into going down them. We went their twice because it was so fun. The first time we went with Danae Keime from our ward. She's a great friend. Love you Danae! I forgot my camera when we went with her. Darnet. Aubrey is watching the older girls go down the slide. She's not tall enough to go yet. Poor girl. Savannah was nonstop at the pool.....can you find her under the mushroom? We went with the Lewis Sisters and their kids. Dayna on the right, actually had her baby boy a whole 12 hours after this pic was taken. Congrats Dayna and Glen!!!
Cousin Kade and Baby Boy Malin eating lunch together at the pool.
Little Man watching the girls on the slide. He's getting alittle sun....... All the kids!Expect Emma , Elias and Amrie. Aubrey always sleeps in the weirdest places. THis is after the pool.

We also had a fun time with Tylynn doing other things. We went to the open day of Mcdonald's in MAricopa, made crafts, rode bikes, watched movies, had a fun FHE on being a CHild of God,got Savannah registered for school, and Tylynn was my babysitter on Wednesday when I taught piano from 10 to 5. Wednesday is my big day for piano lessons. I teach the homeschoolers in the morning and public school children in the afternoon. I have 14 students this semester. Any Maricopa friends that know of a place to have a Recital,can you send suggestions my way? I have had it at my house in the past, but we don't have enough room any more. Thanks girls!

Aunt Tylynn we love you and we miss you already!!!