Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aubrey's Dance Recital Twirling Tots. May 09

This was Aubrey's first Dance Recital and she was a little nervous. She did SO good and made her mom and dad proud. She was very excited about her goody bag she got after it was all was FULL of princess things. Her teacher always said Aubrey was the one to show how each move was to be done and she oftened used Aubrey as the example of how to do a new move. That's my little perfectionist Aubrey. love you Aubrey!!
I tried to upload a video. but , it took forever!!! I will have to figure out an easier way to do it!

Mommy Daughter Outing....Hannah Montana Here we come!!May 24, 09

ON May 24th, 09...mommy took her three girls to the movies. Just the girls! Daddy and Malin were in Ajo helping the Lewis's move. We had a great time and LOVED the Hannah Montana Movie! So clean, inspiring and motivating! Mommy is tickled pink when she gets to spend some fun time with the girls she loves the MOST.
Sav and Aub, matching shirts and glasses. Even purses! REady for the movies!

Frye Mesa, May 23, 09

The day after Leisel's graduation, Grandma said she would watch this little bundle so we could....Drive towards this......Which turned into this.....And hope we didn't get this.....( obviously, we got a HUGE nail in our tire...ugh)so we could climb up this..... And slide down this!!
Daddy and Savannah bonded....
We also got a new Boxer puppy while in Thatcher.... named her Hollis. She's a pure bred boxer. WE LOVE THIS DOG. she is part of our family.
Malin had some bonding time with Uncle Ryan.
Jillian had some bonding time with Hollis
Malin had some bonding time with a lizard...........................
Baby Malin had some bonding time with a stick.....
Aubrey enjoyed the scenery and would only get her feet in. So the personality of a 4 year old drama queen.
Mommy had some bonding time with Savannah Hollis was worn out on the way home.
Uncle Lamar kept us entertained on the Motorcycle. Baby Malin kept saying MOTORCYCLE the whole time!!!He love motorcycles, to say the least!!
( for the record, Baby Malin was terrified of Hollis when we first got her. Now(6 months later), she LOVES Hollis and tackles her to ground and giver her kisses when she obeys his command to SIT. Man's best friend, I tell ya.)

Aunt Leisel Graduates May 22, 09

May 22, 09 my little 4'11 sister graduated from High School! What the heck? She is a bright young woman, one that our daughters look up to very much. So grateful to have her as my sister.

Mothers Day 09.....and the livin is easy.

Momma got her dream come true. An electric pressure cooker. Need I say more?

He will sleep anywhere....May 12, 09

Newport Beach May 16th, 2009

May 16th, we decided a family trip was way overdue, so we made a last minute decision, got a cheap hotel on and headed to Newport beach, CA. The weather was perfect as you can see in the pictures. We stayed in the Crowne Plaza Resort in Irvine, CA. It had a fun indoor pool. Unforunately, no Cont. Breakfast, which was advertised that there was one on Priceline. We were able to go with Grandpa Innes, and Aunts Leisel, Jill, Ty and uncle Lamar and his cute wife Chelsea. Grandma Innes was gone on her sisters retreat. We missed her!! The girls had fun gettting some new matching glasses on the boardwalk. WE LOVE Cali. Love it. The pictures explain how much fun we had.