Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aubrey's Dance Recital Twirling Tots. May 09

This was Aubrey's first Dance Recital and she was a little nervous. She did SO good and made her mom and dad proud. She was very excited about her goody bag she got after it was all was FULL of princess things. Her teacher always said Aubrey was the one to show how each move was to be done and she oftened used Aubrey as the example of how to do a new move. That's my little perfectionist Aubrey. love you Aubrey!!
I tried to upload a video. but , it took forever!!! I will have to figure out an easier way to do it!


The Lewis's said...

nice to know what you guys have been up to, and that no, you are not dead

Deb said...

How fun... I love dance recitals!

Felton Family said...

Thanks Sarah for the updated blog. We sure miss checking in on you all. I know you are busy busy busy, so again thanks, and see you in a few.

maelynn said...

Loved all the updates!
Looks like you guys are having fun and doing well!