Sunday, September 27, 2009

Frye Mesa, May 23, 09

The day after Leisel's graduation, Grandma said she would watch this little bundle so we could....Drive towards this......Which turned into this.....And hope we didn't get this.....( obviously, we got a HUGE nail in our tire...ugh)so we could climb up this..... And slide down this!!
Daddy and Savannah bonded....
We also got a new Boxer puppy while in Thatcher.... named her Hollis. She's a pure bred boxer. WE LOVE THIS DOG. she is part of our family.
Malin had some bonding time with Uncle Ryan.
Jillian had some bonding time with Hollis
Malin had some bonding time with a lizard...........................
Baby Malin had some bonding time with a stick.....
Aubrey enjoyed the scenery and would only get her feet in. So the personality of a 4 year old drama queen.
Mommy had some bonding time with Savannah Hollis was worn out on the way home.
Uncle Lamar kept us entertained on the Motorcycle. Baby Malin kept saying MOTORCYCLE the whole time!!!He love motorcycles, to say the least!!
( for the record, Baby Malin was terrified of Hollis when we first got her. Now(6 months later), she LOVES Hollis and tackles her to ground and giver her kisses when she obeys his command to SIT. Man's best friend, I tell ya.)

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