Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm looking for a great affordable photographer that can take some fun pics of my 4 kids. I live in Maricopa, Az. Any suggestions? If not, my other option is to go to a studio. I need some help! My kids are growing up too fast!!!Thanks in advance!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My New Favorite Quote

"Live to learn, learn to love, and then you'll love to live. " Matt Watson, keynote speaker at Maricopa Stake Women's Conference 2009

Music Makers April 25th

Malin and Aubrey had their final Music Makers performance. They where so cute and did their solos so well. This was Malin's first performance and we was smiling from ear to ear the entire time.

Grandma Nelson's House April 24th

Malin's brother Nelson and his wife Kelsey and 2, almost three, kids are living with Grandma Nelson in Phoenix. We took a little trip to visit them and help grandma pick her orange tree. The kids had a ball climbing her fruit trees and playing with cousin Carson. Malin especially loves playing with his fun boy cousins. I can't believe how much I love my family.
Savannah and Aubrey climbing the Grapefruit tree in their dressups and swimsuits, barefoot, an loving every minute of it.
Boys!!! Love em!
Buds for life. I'm excited to see these boys grow up together.
Um, fun.......

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Malin William Lewis in Timeout.

Baby Malin misbehaved so we put him in timeout. First time in timeout. He quickly obeyed. We told him to close his eyes, he did. We told him to bow his head, he did. We told him to count to five, he tried. We HAD to get a picture. It was just too cute.CLARIFICATION UPDATE 5/10: Baby Malin is such a good kid. I don't want anyone to think bad of my sweet little Malin. It was just SO cute that he obeyed everything I told him to do. I need to post another video of his spunkiness. He IS SO SPUNKY. AHH! And just for the record, he has a hard time obeying when I ask him to go in timeout now. He's learning it's not a very fun place to be. The first time was fun, but not anymore.
Watch this Video.

She's Chill. April 15th

Ashlyn the chubmeister.

Easter 2009

Easter bunny came to our house!! Baby Malin is excited!!!!! He got a GI Joe and football!
Savannah couldn't believe her brought her a chocolate bunny!!!WOW!
Aubrey was so excited for her Neopet!! Love the hair do.
The Saturday before, Our cousin Nickie Keeler got baptized. She lives in Tempe. After the baptism, there was a huge Rainbow outside. It was perfect. You can barely see it in the pic below. After the rainbow left, all the kids were outside chanting "Come back Rainbow, comeback rainbow." Too funny. I'm grateful they didn't catch a cold from running in the rain barefoot.

Easter Pagent 2009

I loved the Easter Pagent this year. It always motivates me to be a better person. The pagent started at 8:00 pm, we got there at 4 pm and gto 5th row seats and then just played on the grass for 4 hours. The kids were very good, I was grateful for that. Baby Malin was very honory when it started and once he saw all the people on stage, specifically, he was all the sudden quiet and in a trance. The kids loved it. They talk about it all the time. Baby Malin thinks that Jesus lives up high at the Temple. We need to reteach that concept here in the next year. 2nd counselo in our bishopric and his wife were in the pagent. Can't wait til next year!
These are the Angels high up on top of the stage. Very cool.

April 9th, 2 A's

Aubrey helped Ashlyn with her first time eating at a high chair and taking a bath in the kitchen sink. Ofcourse, Aubrey stole the camera and took some of herself. Silly girl.

Ashlyn found her thumb on April 8th, 2009

Soccer Savannah and Chubby Princess

Savannah started Soccer this April and has had fun learning what it means to be on a team. She is getting the hang of it. She is on a really great team with many people from our church, I think everyone on the team is LDS. This helps her to feel comfortable with what she's doing. Aubrey had the option to be on the team because she is four, but she insisted that she wanted to do Dance. I will have pictures of her soon in her tutu and all. She loves to be girly and dress up in her tutu. Thanks to some wonderful friends who know how to make adorable tutu's. You know who you are:)
Checkout the $4 pink nike cleats from Savers. Gosh, I love that store. She's got a beautiful smile.
Ashlyn on her tummy in the bath.....that didn't last long. She wanted to eat the water.
CHUBS had a photo shoot with mommy. She's so bright eyed in the first pictures.....and slowly got tired.

Ashlyn Feb March and April AKA Chubby Princess

Our Chunker Lunker is so much JOY! we love her! She seriously keeps us all sane. I love her little snuggley body. It's so luscious and snuggly.
Can you find Ashlyn?
Ashlyn was out Sweetheart for Valentines Day.
Love the girl
This is the only picture I got of Ashlyn in her blessing dress with the huge Bow! Iknow, what was I thinking! I got so many pictures of all my other kids with their grandma and Grandpas and family. I just feel sick about it. Ugh.
Love her.
Love her.
Savannah loves her.
Love her.
Classic picture in the swing.