Sunday, December 9, 2007

Big Changes.....

Wow, big changes are happening in our Stake. Maricopa was made a Stake today in Stake Conference.We were Previously a part of the Casa Grande Stake, which originally had 18 units. The Biggest STake in the church!! So it was time for a change. We also got Ajo Ward and Gila Bend Branch in our Stake. They were previously in the Buckeye Stake and now they are in the Maricopa Stake. As some of you might know, Malin's parents live in Ajo. WE are excited to be in the same stake with them now!
The biggest change was that Malin Walter Lewis, our father and grandpa, was called to be the Stake President of the Maricopa Stake. Wow, what a great experience to see the process take place and feel the love of Neil L. Anderson , acting President of the Quorum of the Seventy, as he set apart Dad Lewis to his new calling. The Lord truly works in amazing ways. What a spiritual high it has been today. I am excited for the future and for the opportunity to have temple interviews with Dad and President Lewis. The Gospel is True.
After everything was done, all the siblings pretended that they were going home, but they actually came to Maricopa and surprised Malin on our doorstep with a Happy 28th Birthday Song!! He was TOTALLY surprised. And actually, prior to the surprise he was kind of bummed because noone wanted to come and visit and hang out at our house. So the surprise was even that more exciting!! We had a great afternoon talking and laughing, and bonding:) Dad and Mom Lewis arrived later and we all had a great time listening to him tell about all his experiences this past weekend with being called Stake President. Truly Amazing.
I also wanted to add that Malin and I traveled to Tucson this past Friday to visit my Grandma Innes in the Hospital. She had a stroke on Wednesday and has lost control and complete movement in her left arm down to her leg. She is 78. It's very hard to see your grandma in that condition. I fed her her lunch, which was pretty much baby food and she could not talk much or open her eyes. I love my Grandma. She is very unselfish and giving. And she makes the best Sunday Roast Beef Dinner I have ever tasted. While I was feeding her lunch, I asked what the secret was to making a good Roast. She said "Make sure you brown it." Then I asked her how long I cook it, and her slow response was, "until it's done." She still has her sense of humor. I hope and pray that Heavenly Father will let her stay a little while longer.
Here's an update on our little family for History's Sake.
Classic Picture of the First Step!!! Don't you love the look!!!Nov.30th,2007 His First Step!
Savannah and Mommy had a Mommy Daughter bonding time making sugar cookies!! Dec. 1st 2007. She was so EXCITED to be with JUST MOMMY. Both babies were sleeping. He's the cutest little mess I've ever seen. I need the baby proof cupboard doors, he's getting into everything!Grandpa Malin and Baby Malin. He's so intrigued with his Grandpa Lewis. He's always looking for him and wanting to play!Play Ball Grandpa! From the Inside, Looking Out.These two pictures I just took with dreams of being a Professional Photographer someday. So did I capture a good shot? I thought it was a good picture of their cute little silhouettes. And Aubrey picking her nose. Here's a Video of Savannah and Aubrey's rendition of Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. It's Sweet!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Family Pictures

Done by Wick Lewis Photography. Nov 17th, 2007 Mesa Arizona Temple