Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Trunk or Treat!!

Janae Lewis is crowned EAC Homecoming Queen

This past weekend we went to Thatcher to support Janae in being nominated for EAC Homecoming Queen. AND SHE WON!!! She is amazing!!! We love you Janae! The King was Casey Heep from St Johns. I couldn't resist putting this picture of Baby Malin with his beloved cheeser smile! Oh, we also watcher the Fall Sing Saturday afternoon. It was great!! The highlight was watching the girls in company sing"Getcha head in the game" with cousin Emma Lewis as the lead soloist. One word: AMAZING. Great Job Emma!

Pearls From China

Hello Family and Friends!! My sister-in-law (Julianne Lewis) is in High School and raising money for an educational trip to China. She has worked really hard to make this happen. If you are interested in buying Pearls during this Holiday Season for someone special please email her at: She will send you a catalogue and price sheet! Thanks!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Last 10 days....

The last 10 days have been a whirlwind! Our days go by so fast. Last week was the normal routine. Up at 4:30(Malin leaves at that time), Preschool, Music Makers, Chores, Mommy teaches Piano Lessons, having fun with our daddy in the evening, playing at the park, etc.We had alot of adjusting to do with our new puppy also. He made himself at home real quick! We also had a brainfart when we accidently left the sprinklers on ALL night.(Notice I said WE had a was both mine and Malin's fault. So, CAN'T WAIT to get our water bill:(......... and Malin is trying very hard to get those sprinklers on a timer so we don't have to think about watering it 3 times a day. That will definately be nice!! Last weekend Dayna and Glen came over and I watched their little Kade while they went Coyote hunting with Malin out behind Maricopa. They didn't get anything, but had a good time.....and they're craving the chance to go again! Malin even snuck in the house while I was teaching Piano today, changed into his camo, and snuck OUT and went coyote hunting for a few hours. He definately deserved it after working an 11 hour shift. He's Cute. On Saturday I also got a 40 pound box of Gala Apples for $18.50 from Bountiful Baskets. It is a produce CO-OP that I am a part of and I ABSOLUTELY love it!! It has saved me so much money!! I'll post a picture of the produce Basket I get next week. You get $50 worth of Produce for 15.00! Today I just finished making Aubrey's BUMBLE BEE COSTUME. It actually looks decent!! I got a black body suit that she already had, and then I bought a black Hanes T-shirt from Target. I cut off the sleeves and sewed it onto the bodysuit and then applied Spandex to the bottom of the T-Shirt to hold in the cotton stuffing. I found yellow electric tape at the local Ace Hardware and that made the stripes. Here is the finished Product! The whole inspiration came from the wings and antenna set we got at the Local Dollar Store for a Buck! She is a darling Bumble Bee! Savannah is going to be a Darling Ballerina. Her cousin Paige gave us a Ballerina costume she got from her Dance class. It's so cute. I'll post pics of it after Halloween. She is also doing well in Preschool. She is always telling me new words that rhyme. And she is teaching Aubrey so much. She definately didn't know as much as Aubrey did at her age. That's the beauty of having older siblings!! Baby Malin was the life of the party this past week and a half . All the pictures were of him!!!! He LIGHTS UP when I put a camera in front of him! IT's the cutest thing! Danae Keime let me borrow this Frankenstein costume. We HAD TO put it on him jsut because it's so cute!! He's going to be a Lion for Halloween.

The Classic picture in the kitchen sink. I had to get one before he got too big! See his top tooth! It finally came in after lots of tears and runny noses. I love when he sits like this on his haunches. Here is his Cousin Kade. They were sitting like this and we HAD to get a picture.

You like the closed eyes? He's my cute little man! Little piggy Face Boy! We also had the privilege of having Great Grandma Myreel Lewis come to our house with Mom and Dad Lewis and Aunt Julianne, on Wednesday night, on their way home to Ajo. She'll be staying in Ajo for a week. She is so fun to listen to. And she has the funniest jokes. I love listening to her talk about her life. I feel like I'm listening to a detailed History Book. Thanks for stopping by!!! We HAVE TONS of GRASS TOO!! Pictures will be coming soon!

The DOG doesn't have a name yet...?

SO you think it would be easy to name your dog right? Well we can't decide between Rusty and Blaze. I know're thinking " Name him already". Yeah, we will soon. Here are some pics of the little guy in the meantime. Ofcourse, the pictures are cuter with the sweet Baby Malin in them.

Monday, October 15, 2007

October Fest in Snowflake, AZ

This weekend was very enjoyable at the October Festival in Snowflake, AZ at the Willis farm. The Willis Farm is owned by my sister in laws, Kelsey(Nelson's wife) ,parents.(Did you understand that?!) Every year they have a huge pumpkin patch and corn maze where they sell pumpkins, gourds, Sunflowers(for the seeds inside) and a hay ride. It was so fun!! Something new they did this year was they had a Pumpkin Catapult, a homemade device that plunges the rotten pumpkins into the air and try to get it to hit certain targets. People where actually paying 2 dollars to pull a rope and watch a rotten pumpkin catapult through the air!! They also had some booths selling things and a DJ. We went up on Friday and met all the family at Pizza hut for the buffet. Then we headed over to the Willis Farm to do the Corn Maze and ride horses. We also went to the Snowflake and Showlow game on Friday night, where Snowflake got beat BAD by Showlow. Savannah and Aubrey fell asleep right when we got there, so we bundled them up in blankets and laid them below us on the bleachers. They slept through the whole game!! (Believe me, they were warm and uncomfortable.) We stayed Friday night at Kelsey's brother and sister in laws house. It was perfect, and saved us alot of money. Thanks again for your hospitality Nelson and Kelsey! Savannah and Aubrey stayed up til midnight, because they slept through the whole game, and watched Evan Almighty with Dad, Nelson, Kelsey and her brother and Sister. And, they were up the next morning bright and early!!!How do they do it? Saturday, we had fun with festvites, and then for lunch we met up with Rachel and Jason Peck, Rachel is Malin's first cousin. They live down the road in Taylor where Jason owns his own Tractor Business. We picked up Sonic and met up at their house to chillax and visit and get out of the 100 mile winds (okay only 20 miles, but it felt like 100). Rachel is due in 4 weeks, and looks like she's hiding a bowling ball in her shirt. She's WAY CUTE. And Daddy Malin was the life of the party with his silly comments. Love you Malin.
We left from their house and had an interesting ride home with our new family below to see who it is.
Our little man in the pumpkins.
Savannah can't decide which one to pick! Aubrey is gonna sit on this one. She's made her final decision. The Corn Maze that we went through was pretty hard...even with a map!! The four pictures below are 1)aunt Julianne, Savannah, and Sarah in the corn maze2) all the Lewis Family that went through the maze with us.3)Savannah and Aubrey at a checkpoint in the maze. Each checkpoint had a different shaped holepunch. If we got all 5 of them on our map we got a prize!
4)An ariel view of the corn maze. Impressive!
We also got to ride the Willis's horses. That was so fun! But, the second time I rode, I was on the one that likes to RUN, and I was SCARED THAT I WAS GOING TO FALL OFF. He was going so fast and I couldn't stop him! Everyone had a good laugh, but I was shaken up...AND, still sore from it. HAHAHAHA Savannah rode with me the first time.
Dad Lewis was a pro on the horse.
Below is a short video of the Pumpkin Catapult.
We tried to go to the Temple, but it was closed, so we got a pic of mom and the girls in front of it. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TEMPLE!
And our new family member is...........................duh,duh,duh................................................................. WE TOOK HOME OUR FIRST PUPPY DOG!!! After all my attempts to not have a dog, I finally gave in. And I must say he is sure cute! Definately alot of hardwork, and today I felt like I had a 4th child. But he's a puppy, so It'll get easier....right? I hope. He is a Queensland Heeler, and he's 6 weeks old. Kelsey's aunt was giving them(8 puppies in all) away at the Farm and we just couldn't resist. He is loved. AND, take the poll at the top and tell us what you think we should name him.
Savannah's latest deep thought Sept 24, 07 A few weekends ago we were on our way to Thatcher and we were going through Miami, AZ. Savannah asked, " Mom, where are we?" I told her,"We are in Miami." She promptly asked, "Mom, what's your ami???" Oh the things they say!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tuesday Morning at the Zoo

We had a great time at the Phoenix Zoo Oct 9,2007. Ofcourse, we had great company which made it even better. We went with Aunts: Dayna, Esther, Colleen and Kelsey and their adorable kiddos. The funnest part was seeing the baby Orangutan interact with her mommy. It was hilarious! We also went to the petting zoo, saw a baby monkey on her mommy's back flying through the air, kangaroos, turtles and humongous goldfish. We had a great time!! All the Lewis cousins(minus Carolyn and her kiddos, she just had a baby:)) Aubrey, Caylin Keeler, Malaya Keeler, Nickie Keeler, and Savannah
BEST OF FRIENDS! Savannah with Hoggle the goat at the Petting Zoo. Aubrey on the Cactus slide. The funnest part of the Zoo! Savannah, Aubrey and Nickie in front of the fake Ostrich. (I promise we saw real animals too)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Baby Malin and all his cuteness....

The girls week in pictures 10/1-10/7/07

I'm back........

So I wouldn't call it a media fast...because, ........I had to pay bills online, BUT, I definately limited my use of internet and T.V. this week. It was a good feeling! But, wow, how much I depend on internet is crazy! It's a miracle to have in our lives and easy to take for granted if the "high-speed" isn't going fast enough. Hah! Well, here's an update on how our week went.
Monday OCTOBER 1st we planted our grass, or I guess we laid the seed. Here's Malin laying it and .......
This is the view from the dining room looking out to the backyard.(with sweet Savannah in the pic)
Here't the lawn with the seed and Maneuer laid

Here's FIRST SIGN OF GRASS!!!! Yeah! It's actually working! Our green thumb is working!

We also painted the girls room PINK!! What else would we paint it? Pink is THE COLOR. SO here's the before pic with savannah painting a Princess on her wall:

And here's the after picture:I'm trying to come up with a fun painted princess border to put around the middle of the wall, or a cute saying to put up with Vinyl. I'd Love to have your ideas!!!! Send them my way!!.

Monday, October 1, 2007

I'll be back..

My friend Leah posted about a "Media Fast" she did. It means no T.V. or Internet for a whole week. I am going to try it starting right after this post and go until next Monday night. I just need to focus on other things right now, so I'm setting this "goal". We'll see how it goes . Until then, happy blogging!