Monday, March 31, 2008

Tribute to Grandma Trudy Innes

For History's Sake, I just wanted to pay tribute to my dear sweet Grandma. Grandma does not have a mean bone in her body. She was always giving to everyone she saw and I will always remember the wonderful feeling of love, safety, acceptance, and comfort that I felt when I was in Grandma and Grandpa's home. She loved her family first and foremost. I will always be grateful for the oppurtunity that I had to live 5 block away from my Grandma most of my childhood. Every Sunday Grandma would cook her famous Roast Beef Dinner, complete with homemade mashed potatoes, gravy and Grandpa's favorite coleslaw. That will always be a great memory. Grandma was snacker and she always her cupboards stocked with goodies... everywhere. Maybe that's why I'm a sugar holic?! Grandma was baptized when she was 18 and was faced with a lot of ridicule from her peers for her decision. She stayed true to the Gospel and passed up many men that wanted to marry her, but were not of her faith. I am grateful for her perseverance and testimony. She raised great children. She loved the Gospel. She loved eating at La Casita. I'm grateful to my mother who helped her so much in her last years of life. Even though she was her mother in law, she treated ther like her mother. Grandma always had a cute laugh. She loved Egg McMuffins and coke for breakfast.! She was an expert shopper and could out do anyone at shopping all day. I am grateful for my grandma and for her life. I love you Grandma.

The Viewing

We got some great family pictures at the viewing for Grandma. Below from Left: Tylynn 9, Jillian 14, Leisel, 17(almost),Lamar(in Argentina Serving a mission for LDS church, hence the empty spot:) ) Drew, 23 and Alltel Stud( he looks like Chad from Alltel commercials)Sarah, 25, Ryan, 27(BYU graduate) My grandmother was a very accomplished painter. I hope to follow in her footsteps. She painted self portrait of each of her children: Laura, Don(my Dad), Larry(better known as Punkar....long story...that's really the only name I know him by) and Greg. In that order of pictures. Uncle Drew and his wife Rikki. They are expecting their first !! Yeah! Finally a cousin on the Innes side!
The Whole Innes Family at the Viewing.

Easter Sunday outfits

After church we took pictures really quick. It was a great Easter Sunday. Sacrament Meeting was a musical one with many great uplifting and spiritual numbers. Savannah Aubrey Malin Cute pose..

Easter Morning 2008

Here's the kids with there Easter baskets. Baby Malin got a basket full of balls and had a grand time throwing them at everyone. Savannah got a long awaited barbie watch and jumprope...and candy....:) All the kids with their baskets....Aubrey had to be woken up....she's our late riser. Aubrey with her basket....she loved the pooping bunny(Jelly bean poop) and sidewalk chalk and sand toys.... and candy ofcourse. The girls playing the ducky game from the Easter Bunny.

Easter Weekend 2008

Our Easter weekend turned into Easter week when we learned that Grandma Innes was most likely going to pass away very soon. On March 18th my dad called during piano lessons about 3:30..I couldn't talk but told him that I would call in an hour and a half at 5 o clock when I was done. When he told me that Grandma was on her deathbed and was not expected to make it through the night, I packed everyone in less than an hour and was on the road by 6:30. Malin was good to stay and finish work until Friday. When we got to Thatcher that night, My mom watched the kids so I could go to the Hospital and be with Grandma. She was suffering from two strokes, a heartattack and pneumonia. It was not the Grandma that I knew and loved. She passed away on March 20th and 2:30 AM. My dad was there and felt such a calming spirit knowing that she was finally with all her siblings and parents who had already passed on. Her mother died when she was 2. That weekend was a bitter sweet memory for all of us as we reminisced about Grandma and the many wonderful things that she did for all of us. That Saturday we had a great Easter gathering at my parents home with all the family that had come to town for Grandmas funeral the following Tuesday.

Baby Malin was very unsocial when we got to Thatcher. He would just shake his head at anyone that attempted to hold him. He's a mommas boy.The girls had a great time dying Easter eggs with Aunt Tylynn. WE had them for Break fast on Easter morning. And Deviled eggs were a hit.......yum. Savannah got this swimsuit from Aunt Tylynn that day and she wanted to wear it EVERYDAY......Aubrey loved this chair at the Easter picnic. She loved it so much that she jsut sat there and watched everyone play. She also liked the bling bling necklace from Aunt Leisel.After the Easter Egg Hunt in Grandma and Grandma's backyard. With cousin Mckenzie. All the grandkids had a great time finding Easter eggs. Even Baby Malin found a few.Baby Malin is a BALL FREAK. This picture explains it well. He was saying ball and running around with it everywhere. I love the little boy so much. He called the Easter eggs balls too.

First Sprinkler Fun of the Season...3/18/08

Savannah got fun sprinkler from Grandma Lewis for her Birthday. We finally got a chance to test it out! The weather was perfect! We have played in it everyday possible since then! Aubrey was really into her water fun! Pure Joy Baby Malin liked it from a distance and would stick his finger in once in a while. He loves his bottle.....

Savannah the Cowgirl...March16th

Savannah got to be the cowboy for the Song " A Cowboy needs a Horse" at Music Makers today. The drumbeat is supposed to be her horse trotting. She had a fun time.

The Kids ready for Church..March 15th

I got some fun snapshots of the kids all ready for Church....doesn't happen very often that they all have clean bodies, clean faces, clean bums, brushed hair and matches socks all at the same time!!!!

Cousin Carson stayed the weekend with us...March13th-14th

Nelson and Kelsey had a weekend to themselves the weeked before they had there second child, Amrie LoRen Lewis. So we got to watch their cute little boy Carson. He was a pure delight. Just wanted to share come pics of him and Malin. They were buds! Malin was so glad to have another little boy in the mix besides himself. Below they are wearing matching hats from Great Aunt Lynn Lewis. After bath time.... Bathtime!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Seth Joyner and eXfuze!!

Malin and I attended the latest eXfuze meeting and we were able to meet former NFL Super Bowl star, Seth Joyner. He was very well spoken and had SO MUCH to say about this amazing product. It was great!!! I look retarded, but that's okay......

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Savannah is 5!!!!!

Savannah made sure I knew that because she is 5 now, she doesn't have to cry or throw tantrums or even talk back!! Hallelujah!! Can we say, YES!!!! She is really convinced that because she is 5 she is BIG and can do just about anything. Well her Birthday was March 3rd...She was born on 03/03/03...... and she had a fun day with her family. It started with waking up to streamers and birthday cards waiting for her when she woke up. Daddy left a little present and card because he left before she woke up. She got a new outfit, you'll see it in the picture coming soon. She then enjoyed cracking eggs for breakfast ALL BY HERSELF. Which she couldn't do before her birthday......She just woke up and magically knew how to do it. Imagine That! Here's pic of her doing so. She was ECSTATIC.

I took the kids to Peter Piper Pizza for her birthday and we had a blast!! The girls got tons of tickets and had fun buying prizes. Baby Malin LOVED the balls that came out for bowling alley. He was a crack up saying hello to everyone and he even tried to kiss one of the little girls there. Little Flirt.Baby Malin and Savannah on a kiddie ride at Peter Piter Pizza ( that's what Aubrey calls it.)

Savannah and Aubrey on the merry go round. Savannah is wearing the new outfit that she found that morning. Early birthday present. She is having a PRINCESS ROYAL BALL on MArch 8th with 12 of her friends. She'll get the rest of her presents there. She loves anything CHEETAH(notice the Cheetah pants) because her cousin Nickie likes it.(Like the Cheetah girls....heard of them?)Savannah got to wear the Happy Birthday Princess crown for her B-day Dinner. She had her favorite meal: Long Spaghetti and Corn.

Savannah was kind of tired on her birthday because she is still recovering from being put to sleep while the Dentist put 8 crowns and filled 10 cavities on her teeth last Wednesday(Feb 27). Glad that's over!! She is really aware of eating nothing hard and brushing her teeth! Wish we would have been more aware of that before her teeth went down hill.....oh well....they're gonna fall out in a couple years anyways.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my SWeet SAVANNAH! You are my Shining Star!! Mommy and Daddy love you.We'll post pics of the Royal Ball soon!