Monday, April 28, 2008

Update on our 3..almost 4 ....kiddos!!

My favorite picture of all time. Daddy't little girls. Well life is going by SO fast. And our children are extremely cute. Does it get any better than that?:) We are excited about the soon arrival of our fourth child(i accidentally wrote fifth...ahhhh). What a blessing it is to bring children into this world. They're such a joy! Malin is ALMOST done with his Masters. We are counting the days...and minutes. Wow, it's been a fun five years with my wonderful husband in school. It will be a joyous day when he is done!!!!! We had a yard sale this past weekend and made $170.....on what?...I'm not sure, but someone thought it was worth it! So hey, we are not complaining! Soon, we can park a car in our garage. It's almost cleared out. We then went to the 5th Annual Salsa Festival here in good old 'Copa. It was awesome! They had all free Chips and Salsa,(it was a salsa contest), bounce houses, 15 tons of snow, live bands, performances, free snowcones, and TONS of vendors promoting their new businesses here in 'Copa. It was a great family time. We all got some sun that day...... but it wasn't that hot. Perfect weather. Me, the pregnant lady, refused to cook, because I was craving a green chili burro with beans and rice, so we went out to eat to end the day. Unfortunately, I didn't get my mexican food, but we had PANDA BEAR instead. That was Saturday and I'm still craving green chili burro with beans and rice. I need it!!!It's Monday. Anyone want to bring it to me? My children have been angels today as I have been feeling rotten and spent most of the time on the couch. What a blessing. They love being home with their momy anyways, so no harm done. Savannah waiting her turn for the bounce house obstacle horse. Here's an update on each child: SAVANNAH: Our Shining Star. Savannah is loving Preschool and is doing really well and learning how to read and write. She loves to write words and ask me what they say. Usually weird words like " Mopurt" and "Ikilomn". She is excited to start gymnastics in June. She's still trying to figure out how to say the word "gymnastics" and we usually find ourselves rolling on the ground in laughter because it always comes out as "gymacis". She CAN'T wait to start gymacis!!! Savannah starts Kindergarten in August! What a day that will be. I can't believe it's almost here. She just smiles from ear to ear when we talk about it. She's going to Legacy Traditional School. It's a Free Charter School started last year by two LDS men that were tired of the bad school systems here in Maricopa. They have had rave reviews for this year. I'm still debating on whether I should be on the PTO board.......most of the children from her Preschool are going to Legacy so she won't have a hard time starting. She tells to not be sad because she'll be good in school. She still loves dresses and skirts and I have to really convince her that it's okay to wear shorts once in a while. She's really been into playing barbies in her Rose Petal Cottage. For hours. Savannah always asks me if what we're eating is healthy. If it's not she kind of gets mad and says," Mom we have to eat healthy" and she starts naming off all the food that is healthy. Savannah told me the other day that she needs to have her own car because she's a better driver than me. She also said I was weird because I have a baby in my tummy. That's a 5 year old for ya. She also said that her brain told her that her mommy was cute.! All the kids at dinner time. Crazy kids. AND, they love peas....where did they come from? I hate peas!

AUBREY: OUR Pretty Princess . Aubrey has an imagination that is soaring. I was getting ready for church and Aubrey told me very nonchalantly that there was a giant troll in my closet. And it was gonna get me. Aubrey excels at Preschool and knows all her Preschool songs perfectly. She loves saying the pledge whenever we she sees a flag. She loves to be pretty and can't wait to start dance class. Yesterday Savannah told me that her head was singing a song. So I got out our body book and I taught them about the brain. SO, now they tell me all day that their brain told them to talk and to giggle and to toot and to say silly things. It's pretty funny. Aubrey hates eating eggs and she loves chicken and rice. She loves broccoli, olives, salad with ranch, and toast with honey. She runs like a girl and she LOVES bracelets.

Fat Mommy and the girls waiting in line for the bounce house.


He definately thinks he's the boss in our house. He loves eating bananas. Anytime he's hungry, which is every 30 minutes, he points at the bananas and says "nana". All day. For example, Sunday, he ate 2 bananas, 2 huge French Toast, 1 cup of scrambled eggs. And thirty minutes later he asked for another banana! Can we say pig! He is growing so fast right now. He can say wawa(Water) mama, dada, yeah, and lots of jibberish while he's shaking his head. He loves to pester his sisters by putting their polly pockets in his mouth. And taking their crayons. He loves Music Makers. Last week when we went he sat in the chair the whole time and clapped with this HUGE smile on his face. It just melted me. We can't wait for him to start Nursery in three months. He's a poopster. At least 5 times a day. He loves to play in the pool naked. He has the cutest blond hair that's so fun to gel up and spike. He loves nap time and has to give everyone kisses before he goes to sleep. One night I asked Malin if he wanted to go night night. He nodded his head, said "yeah" and ran to his crib and waited for me to put him in. Today is a different story though. He refused to take a nap. AHHH!

Daddy Malin is the newly appointed Sunday School President. He fixed Baby Malin's crib this weekend and saved us alot of money! I'm so proud of him. When he does something, he does it right. He enjoys carpooling with a good brother from our ward. Mark Glazier. He is first counselor in the Sunday School Pres and Malin is his Home Teacher. So they never have a dull moment on their 30 minute commute. And they both love hunting.....can you imagine their conversations? I was recently called as the Ward Organist. A calling that I am having fun with and nervous about all at the same time. I'm still the primary pianist. I love my book club, Bunco Girls Night, FHE packets group, teaching 15 piano students, and love, love, love being a mom and wife to the cutest husband and children I think I've ever seen. We enjoy having Grandpa Lewis stay with us at least one night a week. It's fun to rub shoulders with our very own Stake President and Grandpa. We just found out that a temple will be built in THATCHER, AZ!! What a great blessing to the Gila Valley. I grew up talking about a temple being built in Thatcher's finally coming true! With gas prices soaring, it will be such a blessing for the Gila Valley. There will also be a new one in Gilbert, AZ!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pride and Prejudice

You know your girls are true blue girls when they beg and plead to watch Pride and Prejudice.
Yes, my girls will pass up eating, playing outside and dressing up so they can watch Pride and Prejudice. Too funny. Savannah thinks it's so silly they that are in love and she giggles nonstop when they say they love each other. I just can't help but giggle too. Aubrey watched it for her bedtime movie last night. I love it and think it's a great lesson on culture and bring on Jane Austin!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some pictures from our trip to Utah

Ryan, Jillian, Leisel and Tylynn in front of the beautiful Salt Lake Temple This is the dorms where Malin lived when he went to BYU. It was crazy to drive around the corner as Malin was saying "I stayed in those.........wait, they're being torn down! We had to get pictures. Memories for Malin came flooding back. On top of the Conference Center. My husband, the tall one, married into THE SHORTEST family in the world. He had to sit down in our last family picture just so he could be the same heighth as my dad! hehehe. jill, Leisel, and Ty in front of the new pictures of the new first presidency for the church. thomas S. Monson, Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and Henry B Eyring. These were in the conference Center. We had an AWESOME tour guide. He had a story to tell about everything. I loved hearing them. unlike other people in the family......our 45 minute tour was more like a 2 hour tour. He told awesome stories! At the top of the conference center. This place can hold 21,000 people! It's definately an amazing place. And if there's an earthquake in Utah, THIS is the safestplace to be.!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

He is Born and Ordinary People

Ryan and Vocal Point(minus 2 members who could not be there). This is one song that they sang at Internationals in New York when they won first place. 4 minutes into you can also hear him sing a cover of Ordinary People by John Legend.
Hello everyone, we got back Sunday from Utah. What a great trip it was! We watched Ryan in his Senior Recital in Media Music at BYU. It was a packed performance! Ryan is a rising star...NO JOKE! He is awesome! I've included some of his performances, which are not very good recordings, but he still sounds good. He has a CD coming out in September titled " Blue Eyed Soul"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Watch and Listen...

*Pause the playlist below before starting this video*


Not only is this a cute little video of our kids dancing, BUT, if you listen to the background you will hear our Uncle Ryan(Sarah's Brother) singing with BYU Vocal Point doing all the background with ONLY their instruments. If you would like a CD of their songs, which just came out, LET ME KNOW. Malin and I will be going to UTAH next week for Ryan's Senior Recital and we will be able to get the CD's directly from the recording studio. $10 each.This is a huge discount because we will be getting it straight from the recording studio. Here's the website where you can read more about this AWESOME GROUP.