Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Smokin Deal....

We have been looking for a trampoline for quite some time now, and have never had the nerve to give in and buy the cheapy one from Walmart that everyone says breaks very easily.SO, last week, Malin set out to look for a trampoline. He went to four different places and was blown away and dicsouraged at the prices! One store, Dana Playground equipment, sells the standard trampoline with a very standard spring cover for 800 bucks! No way am I paying that! So anyways, as Malin was getting ready to come home, I said I would check on Craigslist and see if there might be anything for sale. Well, I found a smoking deal!! Someone was selling their 1 year old trampoline from Dana Playground Equipment for $200. AND it had an upgraded spring cover that will last up to 7 years. So I called right away and Malin came home a few hours later with the trampoline! We are so excited to have a trampoline finally..... and one that will last too!

Savannah's DEEP thought....

Last night Savannah wanted Apples and Peanut Butter for dinner. I was shocked because she's never asked for it before and I've offered it before. I told her I was so proud of her because she was eating healthy food! She stood up, pointed to her brain, and said, "Mom, my head told me it was healthy, so that's why I'm eating it."

Our Weekend in Thatcher....Elder Innes is home!

Our Cousin Cody reutrned home from his mission to Washington State so we made the trek to Thatcher to hear him report in his ward. He has really grown alot! He gave a powerful talk about recieving revelation and how it can help us to move forward. He is awesome! (This post is for my brother Lamar who is on a mission in Argentina. He is able to look at our blog so I wanted to make sure he saw pics of his buddy Cody. Love you Lamar!We'll see you in 7 months!) The kiddos in the car on our way to Thatcher.
Once upon a time there was 2 little girls that loved to feed their brother Girl Scout Thin Mints. Lots of them..... There is a princess named Aubrey that loves to wear SPARKLY shoes. She got these on Saturday. On the indside sole is a picture of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle. Aubrey said," Mom, these shoes are the princesses home!"
And here's Cousin Cody with arm around his girlfriend.....wait, I mean... my 14 year old sister! She looks older than that though. Her cousin Cole plans on being her bodyguard when she goes to High School next year.....so watch out boys! Jillian is coming to High School!
My three little sisters: Jillian 14, Tylynn 9, and Leisel 16 1/2
Leisel and Cousin Cole. High school Buddies.
Cody loves playing with little girls. In this picture, he "died" and Savannah was trying to wake him up. She tickled him, sang him a lullaby, and shot him with a toy gun....he wouldn't wake up. He fell asleep while playing "dead"Grandpa Innes and Grandpa Innes holding their youngest grandchild.(actually my dad and my uncle Greg. Can you tell they are brothers?)

The three kiddos playing toys with cousin Hailey Elizabeth Nelson. She's crack up. She's almost 2.(I think) Ask her what you say to boys and she'll shake her head and finger and say, "No, no, no."

On Sunday night we went to my mom's sister's home in safford. The Konopnickis. Their little Callie turned 6 years old! Uncle Dave made some mean steaks and taught us all about how to cook your steak right. Carol said he loves having people over so he can cook steaks!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Presidents Day at Wildlife World Zoo

Monday the 18th, we spent the day with our daddy at the Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield. Because our daddy is SO busy with Work and finishing his Masters Degree, we don't get to see him that much, SO..this was a perfect day to have our daddy all to ourselves. Mom, the girls and sweet boy really enjoyed having our daddy all day!
Below is a picture of Malin feeding a giraffe. The zoo has this really great platform that makes it possible to feed the giraffes. Pretty cool!
Below, Savannah and Aubrey being silly for the picture in the petting zoo. And it was the coolest, most friendly petting zoo we've been to so far. The animals were SOOO friendly. And I have to report that Aubrey WANTED to go in the petting zoo and she even PET the goats. A BIG milestone for her. She was once terified of petting zoos and would NOT let me put her down! I think having a dog at our house has helped her to become more confident around animals. Below Aubrey petting a baby goat! The girls feeding the swans The kids especially loved these Tamarin Monkeys. Here is a picture of a mommy with 2 babies on her back.S & A with baby RATS behind them. YUck.
Below, A close up on the baby rats. There was also mole rats, THE GROSSEST things ever, Sloths(hilarious) and TONS more animals that you will never see at the Phoenix Zoo.
Below, with a White Tiger behind. Savvy, Mommy and Aubrey on the merry go round. It was definately one to remember because the music was really scratched and kept skipping, and it actually stayed stuck on one note the WHOLE ride. Baby Boy and the Rhino The girls had fun playing on the kiddie playground.
Just have to mention, there was huge smudge on my lens that I didn't catch until 2 days later, so all the pictures have blurry spots on them. Darnet.

A Fun Weekend!!

This past weekend, we had LOTS of company! We invited Malin's bros and Sisters out on Friday night for Taco and Game night. We also had Mom and Dad Lewis the whole weekend! It was a treat! Friday night we had TACOS and introduced everyone to them. They all seemed to like them! We also played Cranium and had Valentines Candy. Saturday morning we attended stake Temple Day with Mom and Dad Lewis. It was wonderful! Afterwards we ate in the cafeteria in the temple. Oh, it was so good, especially since we were so hungry! Aunt Julianne and Esther watched our children. Thanks so much! WE took home Jacob with us from Aunt Esther's house. WE did some Saturday chores, vacuumed out the Suburban, oh MUCH needed, then we all took a trip out to Hidden Valley to go Shooting with Malin's shot gun and to give Jacob something to do(he's the youngest of 9 Lewis kids, 9 years old Mom and Dad Lewis where gone all day looking for a new car..they got a minivan)I took the kids on a Nature walk while Malin and Jacob shot. The kids LOVEd it! Especially Baby Malin. He is really getting good at walking, so loves any open space where he can just GO AND GO! He found a big rock and picked it up and threw it then he'd quickly run to it, pick it up and throw it again and giggle! He is all boy. He loves balls, actually anything round, and he loves THROWING them. I also got to shoot the Shot gun! It's hard!! And it left a bruise on my arm! We all had a great time figuring out how to go potty in the wilderness...........
On Sunday 17th, my Brother, Ryan, turned 27. We love you Ryan!!!! He is graduating from BYU in Media Music in May. He is the MOST AMAZING singer I know. He is going to be famous someday!! He is also coming out with a CD soon! I'll keep you posted on that. AND he is single and looking for the special one. So if you are looking for a DATE ( all you sinlges ofcourse) let me know! And I didn't say all that last stuff about him being single, somebody else did k?!
Malin spoke on Sunday on the topic: "Husbands, love your wives." He did awesome! I am so proud of him. And he told the whole congregation how great his wife was, he's a sweetheart!(Just thought I'd add a pic of our wedding just 'cause) I also had to play the organ in the church. It was a blessing that Mom Lewis and Aunt Julianne where there to watch the kids since MAlin and I both had to be on the stand. Dad Lewis had to speak 5 TIMES on Sunday, he was exhausted by the end of the day. He also said the dedicatory prayer for our new Church building. Needless to say, the tears were flowing from my eyes. The spirit was so strong. He is truly a man of God.
Nelson and Kelsey came for the dedication too, and we played Acquire afterward. Love that game!

Valentines Day 2007

Well, my camera was out of batteries on Valentines Day, so this will be dull, but I just wanted to record for history's sake about our Valentines Day. The girlies and I (Sarah) had SO much fun making Valentines for Aunts and Uncles and cousins and GRandparents and mailing them. We got those done and out by Feb, 12th so people could recieve them by Valentines Day. I got some great clipart from www.pccrafter.com and we used that to make our Valentines from scratch. We also got some great ideas from www.familyfun.com and we used one that looked like a terra cotta pot(made from construction paper) and inside,sticking out,we taped on a pack of seeds and paper hearts and wrote on the front, "Let's let our love grow". The girls and I LOVE to do crafts. Ask the girls what there favortie thing to do with MOM is and they'll say CRAFTS and then going to the park. We're finishing up all the scrapbooks for 2007 and then I am going strictly Blog Book for every year to come, or until something else comes about that is better. You can make a blog book at www.blurb.com. My friend Leah made one for 2007 and posted pictures of it on her blog. check it out: http://4people2birthdays.blogspot.com/2008/02/its-heremy-blog-book.html It's so awesome! Ican't to make min for 2008 Anyways, back to the topic of this post!..... Savannah and Aubrey also made Valentines for their preschool friends. Aubrey made Barbie Valentines and taped a box of nerds to them. She only has 5 in her preschool. Savannah wanted to do a little more, since she's a little older and stuff, so I gave her the list of names and she wrote all the kids names on each Valentine, by herself! She is learning so fast! We also made brownies on Valentines Day morning and then cut them out in heart shapes and put them in cute little bags with candy hearts included. Dollar Store has the best STUFF! that's where we got the heart gift bags, 12 for a $1.00. Savannah and Aubrey got TONS of candy from Preschool. UGH. But they ate it ALL while I taught piano lessons, and then we brushed their teeth REALLY good. I think it's better to get it over with all at once, then they're only sick once, and you only have to brush it all out once! Malin came home after piano lessons and brought us some great Valentines presents! He got the cutest hot pink blankets for Savanah and Aubrey and I told him if he was going to get something for me it had to be realistic. Even though I love flowers, they die in a couple days and you have nothing to show for it. So, he got me some really nice tupperware from Costco! Much needed! They are called MODS. They're great! And Malin uses them for his lunches so it's great! Baby Malin got lots of LOVE from his family for his Valentines Day gift. And that was the easiest present I've ever given 'cause he ain't hard to love!! Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Taco Night in Maricopa

Taco Night in Maricopa...the best tacos you will ever have. They come from good old down town Maricopa, made in a trailor and served in a dirt floor, outdoors dining room. THE BOMB! AS you can see below, Malin is the #1 fan. You can only get these tacos on Friday and Saturday night. The carne asada tacos are 1.50 each and include cucumber, limes, cabbage, avocado salad, pico de gallo, marinated onions, and HOT salsa. MMMMMM, I want them right now! We have made a tradition of getting them every Friday night for date night. Of course, it reminds us of being in Mexico and eating tacos on the beach. Malin also went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on his mission and pretty much ate tacos everyday. So needless to say, that's why he LOVEs taco night and is always looking for a superb taco shop. Street taco shop that is. Taco Bell won't do for this boy.

Feb 4th and 5th...SUNS Game!

February 4th started out being slow and ending up being very eventful!In the morning: This picture below is Malin pooping while in his highchair. He keeps us laughing. We like to call him Kermit the Frog in these jammies. And He is a POOPER! At least 5 times a day!?
The kids and I went to Music Makers, we had a great time. The theme for February is love and Friendship, so we sang songs like Skidda marink, HEART to the tune of BINGO, 10 little Valentines, etc. While we were there, I got invited by one of my friends, Sara Murdock to join on a FHE group. I'm so excited! Every other month one person is in charge of making an FHE packet for each person in the group. I'll post pictures of it.

The rest of the day was normal, taking care of kids, changing diapers, cleaning messes, reading books, singing songs, and doing SCRATCHBOOK( that's what Aubrey calls it.:>)

I did some makeup piano lessons from 3 to 4. AT 3:30 I got a call from Malin asking if

I wanted to go to the Suns game! He had FREE Tickets from his friend! Heck yes!!!

And I have to add it was the last game before Marion was traded for SHAQ!

Shaq was traded on Feb. 5th. After lessons I hurried and got ready for the big game!

I dropped off the kids at Dayna and Glen's home and Malin met me there. Thanks Dayna and Glen.

Here's Malin, my hunky, hunk, with the Suns warming up behind him. Below, Nelson, Kelsey(she's 7 months prego, can you tell?) me and Hunky hunk

Below, Sean Marion in his last game with the SUNS. I was there! Below that, a close up shot of #4 Sean Marks. Below, the couple, after the game. It was so fun! After the game, we drove down into the scary part of Phoenix where the homeless people call home. It was an sad feeling to see them all lined up against a wall laying down there holy blankets and getting ready to go to bed?! Needless to say, I am grateful for my warm bed and home. What a blessing that I take for granted sometimes.

The Next Day we were all a little tired, but still happy! Below is a picture of THE Boy and Savannah playing at the park while we waited for Aubrey to finish preschool.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I wish I were a dog today....

After today, I would like to copy our Dog Rusty, and totally crash!