Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Malin William

Baby Malin doesnt like to get his hands dirty... We were just waiting for him to dig in!... No such luck He was just so cute, even if he didn't get dirty. We love you Baby Malin

His SuperMan outfit from G & G Innes

1 year photo shoot

BABY BLUE EYES...melt our heart.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Malin's 1st year in pictures

Savannah's Photo Shoot

Savannah was tickled pink to finally figure out how to take pictures! She took the cutest pictures that I just couldn't resist posting them. Shetook a pictures of her bulletin board in her room, she loves Hannah MOntana and Barbies and Princesses, and she has the cutest 4 year old toes, soon to be 5, she lvoes her baby, and she wants to get married in the temple someday. She's a sweetie!

Our Family Hike

We have started a new tradition in our family. Every Martin Luther King Day, we are going hiking as a family. We had the first hiking experience this past Mon on January 20th. We went behind our house to Hidden Valley, and it was so beautiful! The girls can't stop talking about it. Probably their funnest trip ever, and the cheapest trip ever!! At the top of the mountain, we had a little family meeting and talked about everything that we saw, and who made everything that we had, including the rocks, the train going by, all the birds that we heard chirping. Malin brought his binoculars so we could look out across the desert. We talked about how we have to work hard in order to achieve our goal, just like we had to work hard to make it to the top of the mountain(probably the smallest mountain you've ever seen, but it was huge to the little girls!) After we hiked we ate oranges in the back of our car, and then we went back to SARAH'S CAFE and had bean things, special order by Savannah. IT was so fun!!! Enjoy the pictures!

Colleen is 30!

Just had to add for History's sake that Malin's older sister turned 30 on January 19th! And she is beautiul! On January 18, We did sealings with the whole Lewis Family at the Mesa Temple. The Spirit was so strong. Afterwards, we ate lunch at "The Landmark" and had a private room for Colleen's party. Malin's sister, Julianne, presented a video to Colleen, with pictures and videos of her life from the past thirty years. ALSO, Malin and I wrote new words to the song "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt, and Malin sang it, and it was also included on the video. If you are looking for a good laugh, WATCH THIS VIDEO. Malin is a crack up! Happy Birthday Colleen, we love you!

Here's the lyrics to the song:

"Colleen is 30"Colleen is brilliant.Colleen is brilliant.Colleen is pure.She is an angel.Of that we’re sure.Even though she’s turning 30.and She’s got allot of fam.But we won't lose sleep on that,cuz 'She’s got a plan.Colleen is 30. Colleen is 30.Colleen is 30, it's true.You should see her face in a crowded place,we just don't know what to do,'Cause We’ll never be like you.She CAN EXERCISE,And be so wise.She can read, dance, cook, teach, play andStill Fly high,And We always think she’s the BEST BRO-SIS,And we have a sister that we’ll see till the end.Colleen is 30. Colleen is 30.Colleen is 30, it's true.You should see her face in a crowded place,we just don't know what to do,'Cause We’ll never be like you.La da da da da, la da da da da, la da da da da DAAAAAAAAColleen is 30. Colleen is 30.Colleen is 30, it's true.Colleen is an angel with a smile on her face,And we know that you had the best 29 years, But it's time to face the truth, 29 will never be with you.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sarah turns a whopping 25.....

Yes, that's right, on January 14th Sarah reached the ripe old age of 25....and she has a wonderful husband and three adorable kids to show for it! It all started on Jan. 12, when the Richardson family celebrated it,combined with cousin Price Johnson's 8th baptism birthday and aunt Lori Richardsons bday which was on Jan 1st. We had an awesome cake and YUMMY Taco Salad. Thank you everyone for the cute gifts and thoughtful cards! That evening I got to go to the temple with my Hubby and MOm and Dad. It was a great spiritual session. I love the temple. Thanks mom and Dad for the new garments!
The Cake! Sarah and Aunt Lori All The MEN watching a football game at Aunt Nora and Kiley's Gorgeous custom home. Grandma Richardson, MOM, Aunt Nora, and Aunt Diane. Love you!!

Aubrey wanted a picture too!

Savannah with her second cousin, Camille. They're a month apart. She's my first cousin, but she's my daughters age.......weird huh?! Then on Monday, my actual birth day, My wonderful Sister in Law Colleen Keeler, insisted on watching our three kiddos so I could have the day ALL TO MYSELF! As the kids and I were opening the door to go to Tempe, where Colleen lives, we saw this on our door.

It was present from Mom and Dad Lewis! What afun surprise! Inside was yummy treats and a gift certificate for a free date night in Ajo, to one of the 20 mexican restaurants, and free babysitting, complimentary of Mom and Dad Lewis. Good deal, eh? Thanks again! It was a fun surprise.
So after I dropped the kids off at Colleen's, I went to lunch at Olive Garden with my wonderful husband. I got my favorite meal, Soup, Salad and Breadsticks! We did some dream shopping at JCPenney Furniture outlet store. They have AMAZING deals. Thank you Malin for a great lunch date!
After that, I went home, got in my bed, and read for three hours!! It was great! I read and finished the book, PeaceGiver. an awesome book. I highly recommend it.
I also took a nap, watched a movie, and even cleaned the house a little.
Thanks everyone for the nice emails, cards, gifts in the mail, and phone calls.
And only 5 years till I'm 30!! AHHHH!

Aubrey Starts Preschool

Aubrey started Preschool this past week on Jan. 7, 2008. She loves it! She talks about it all day. We do a co-op with four other moms. They invited us to do it at the last minute and it worked out perfectly! She made a family tree her first week. Here's a picture of her with it. She loves to tape up ALL her artwork all over the house. It's adorable. She asks everyday if she gets to go to Preschool today.

New Years in Ajo, AZ

New Years in Ajo was , like Christmas, very relaxing. No agenda is the key to success. All Malin's siblings were there to get in on the fun. Malin got to go hunting with some of his Bro,Sis, and he had some good MAN time. Us girls learned a dance to the song " Apologize" by OneRepublic. Wish we had a video of it. Too cute. Savannah and Aubrey had ultimate non stop fun with their cousins. Grandma Lewis got to be their teacher in Primary on Sunday. We played Acquire probably 20 times, got a little too serious about it and had to stop playing for awhile, ate some good food, and stayed up late! An elderly couple in the ward asked if we could come pick their 8 lemon,orange,tangerine and grapefruit trees as the fruit was getting ripe and they didn't want it to go to waste. In exchange, we got to keep all the fruit! We had a whole truck bed full! Awesome for fighting off those nasty winter colds. Thanks Mom and Dad, and family, for the memories!

New Years in Ajo, AZ

Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas in Thatcher

Christmas in Thatcher was very relaxing! We had a great time! We enjoyed caroling to good friends in the town, and Polar Express. WE went geocashing, but had no success. It was still fun!! We ate alot, slept alot, watched good movies, wrapped presents, had a nice Christmas Eve Breakfast complete with candlelight and sparkling cider. The funnest part was Santa surprised everyone with a WII!! Even Malin and I. It was so fun! I must say, it's a good thing we don't have a WII at our own home, because I could easily play it all day. It's that addicting! Malin got some yummy cologne, his favorite game ACQUIRE, which actually is not being made anymore and you have to buy it used on EBAY. It's a long running tradition in the Lewis Family. IT's SO FUN. I got Turbo Jam and Pearls from China. LOVE THEM!! The girls got a fun play house and other fun things that they just HAD to have. Baby Malin got trucks and a toolbench, but silly me,I forgot to get pictures. He is SO cute when he crawls around the house pushing his cars and making the CUTEST car sounds. I will definately post a video of him doing it! He also learned to walk pretty much in Thatcher.

6th Anniversary at Hannagan Meadows

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary....

Malin and I celebrated our 6th anniversary Dec. 22nd. We headed to Thatcher on Friday 21st, where we dropped off the kids so my sisters could babysit them for the night while Malin and I had a little get away. We headed up towards Alpine where we stayed the night at Hannagan Meadows My uncle is part owner of the lodge so he and my Dad where able to give us a smoking deal(FREE). THANKS SO MUCH!!We had an interesting ride on the way up as we where heading right into the snowstorm. We had to go appx. 30 miles the whole way and even had to use 4 wheel Drive when the snow got so thick on the pavement! MEMORIES! When we finally got there, we where the only ones there. Needless to say, we had the whole place to ourselves! We had a wonderful chicken fried steak dinner and then we went to bed for the night. It was the best sleep I have had in who knows how long! It was great! You never would have known it was 12 degrees outside. Our bed was so warm and cozy. I love my husband. He's truly a man of god who honors his Priesthood and wants the best for his family. We woke about 8:30 and had a nice continental breakfast. We debated whether we wanted to play in the snow or just drive home. After five minutes in the snow in 12 degree weather, we decided it was so much more beautiful from inside the car! The snow plow came shortly after that so we decided to follow him down the Coronado Trail. We went about 2o miles per hour the WHOLE way, because there was snow and ice on the road, but it was great talk time and beautiful scenery. Here's to the next year of our marriage! Love you Malin!