Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We're good....

Well I just wanted to change the top post on my blog. Ashlyn isn't sick anymore! She's one healthy, chubby, adorable baby. And I couldn't be happier. She is pure joy.
We are doing good here. Trugging along and trying to enjoy the journey, not just endure it!
I just have one question for you all:
"How do I give all my attention to all 4 kids at the same time?And continue to do it all day?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ashlyn + Bronchiolitis= one sick baby

Ashlyn was in the hospital for 5 days with Bronchiolitis! She was a sick little baby. I took her to the doctor on Baby Malin's b0day, after his party, and her oxygen level was very low. So the doctor ordered an amulance and we were taken to the Banner Gateway Medical center. I'm grateful to say she is 100% better and doing so well. The hospital stay was hardest on our kids who didn't have a mommy for 5 days. Thank heavens for wonderful sister in laws and Grandmas and Grandpas, and ultimately a super awesome daddy. Ashlyn and I were buddy buddies in the hospital. We watched a lot of TV, awaited the next meal. Well, I did. She nursed whenever she wanted to. And we slept a lot. I also got alot of school work done. It was a break for Ashlyn and MOMMY. Ashlyn had an IV on both wrists, oxygen in her little nose and a pullsock on her toe to monitor her heart rate and oxygen levels. Every for hours she was given a breathing treatment and I was given the option of whether to deep suction her lungs or not. She did get her lungs deep suctioned a few times, which was not a pretty sight, but it HELPED tremendously. She left the hospital totally healed and I am so grateful that I have my baby back. For a whole week I sat up holding her all night, for fear that she would check on the mucus in her lungs if she was laid flat. I am so grateful for healthy babies. Thanks a MILLION to everyone that helped our family in a time of need. We want to return the favors in any way possible.

Aubrey's a thinker

Aubrey was in the truck with her Daddy. She was coloring in the back seat. She suddenly yelled, " Dad, my heart hurts." What?...Daddy said. "Why Does your heart hurt?" "I Don't know, it just hurts." Aubrey states. Silence..... "Oh I know why! I'm just coloring too hard."

The Building of the Coop.

This past weekend we( Dad did all the work and we gave moral support) built a chicken coop! Our chickens are growing so fast and they were flying out the big rectangle box that we had them in so we knew it was time to get the coop built. It was a great experience! Malin loved it. He's worked with Uncle Clyde building houses so doing this brought fond memories of building houses. He now wants to build a play house for the kids. That should be FUN!!!

Fun at the Park....

The kids take their time at the park very seriously. And they love it! I had to capture the moments. Have fun!!

Baby Boy is 2!

Baby Malin is 2! He said "My Birthday" all day long! We scored on his presents......2.00 spiderman big wheel and 25 cents for the backpack. Gotta love those yard sales! He rode that bike around the kitchen island ALLDAY with his backpack on. Daddy even found him riding his bike around the island at 1:30 in the morning. He never ceases to melt his mom and daddy's heart.
Here's Baby Malin eating the middle out of his breakfast cinnamon toast on the breakfast plate.
Happy Birthday Malin. You are a joy to watch every waking minute. You're shining personality melts everyone's heart. WE love when you say "OK" in your low manly voice. And you're so sweet to your baby sister. You get a kick out of teasing your 4 year old sister, much to your mothers dismay. We love how you always have to have a car or toy in your hands and a hat on your head with your cool shoes on your feet. Can you just stay little and 2 forever? And the way you say Food, (he says mmmmmm) when you say the blessing. Oh, it' just SO cute. You're a handsome little boy, Mister Malin.

We got Chickens!

WE got a great idea from our cousins the Keelers, and the knowledge from Grandpa and Grandma Innes, who both have chickens, and we decided it would be a great thing for our children to raise chickens. Below the kids are anticipating the opening of the box full of chickens! YEAH!!!
Daddy is opening......There they are!!!So fun!!

Principal Pride

Savannah has been on the Principal Pride list for her straight A's in Kindergarten. We love you Savannah!

Martin Luther King Day-2nd Annual HIke

We started a tradition last year to go hiking on Martin Luther King Day. Last year we hiked a really short mountain. So this year we picked a little higher mountain and we recruited our neighbors and family, The Wilcocks! It was a great time and just right for the girls to hike and not get tired. Here's Aubrey, Cousin Emma, and Savannah.
Sweet Aubrey
The family at the top. Baby Malin was sound asleep in the car, so we rolled down the windows and let him sleep while we hiked to the top. Don't worry, he didn't even wake up until we were 50 feet from the car.
Aubrey at the top.
Savannah did it!! The kids had a fun time playing in the desert after our hike.
Ready to go home......