Monday, June 30, 2008

You've got to try this..

In January I started a Gratitude Blog after hearing Elder Eyring's talk in Conference about keeping a gratitude Journal. Since I enjoy typing much better than writing, I started a "Gratitude Blog". I can't say I write everyday, but I just have to tell you all that if you are looking for something therapuetic, yet cheap(Which is what I look for since we don't have money for a full body massage:) then I am telling you, start a gratitude Blog. Sorry, you'll never be able to read mine because only me and my husband have access to it...and it's very personal. But, try writing in it regularly about what has happened to you that gives you gratitude. I can actually say that I don't have anymore guilt about not writing in my journal because I'm doing it! So, whether out of guilt or just because you're grateful(I hope you choose the latter) start a Gratitude Blog. And make it personal so you write all your deepest thoughts. I hope you'll enjoy it just as much as I do. Happy Blogging!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Happenings.....

Our summer has been filled with Swimming and Gymnastics. Savannah and Aubrey are loving Gymnastics. I think we have formed a habit. They can't stop talking about it!! Thanks to their Aunts who have been doing gymnastics for years, they have the cutest little hand me down outfits that they love to wear all day!!! and night....They have a great instructor that is Olympic Certified and even worked with Paul Haun. She's FANTASTIC!! We are so excited to have her here in Maricopa. Here's Aubrey right after her pull up on the bar. Her teacher is so proud of her! Aubrey climbing up the helps with their upperbody strength. Aubrey in her outift ready for gymnastics.
Savannah waiting her turn.. Posing for the camera. Aubrey in the middle doing her stretches. Aubrey on the beam. I wish I had more Pics of Savannah....she is doing so AWESOME!!!!!!!! THEN.........
This is what happens when it's 115 degrees outside and your children are bored.....They dress up Baby Malin. Here he is in his 5 piece blessing outfit( just call him fat guy in a little suit.)

The culprits. He's done with it... Take it off!! What are they doing to me?

It's a ........

GIRL!!!!!!! WE are so excited to announce that we are having a girl!! Watch out Baby Malin, you are really out numbered.....and daddy too.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father Day Weekend and the First Annual Stake Conference for Maricopa Arizona Stake

What a fun weekend!! We had Julianne for the week while she went to meetings for Girls Camp. She will be a YCL this year. She was an angel in my home as she helped with the kids and cleaned my house. Then on Friday Mom, Dad, Jacob and Janae arrived from Ajo. They came for Stake Conference and to help Esther and Jesse move in. They are moving into a Foreclosed home they bought right behind us!! We are so excited to have family so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll post some pictures of it soon. Stake Conference was great. Grandpa spoke and did a great job. He even got his Presidency to sing a quartet together in the adult session. It was marvelous! We hope they make it a tradition. Stake Conference was help in two different sessions(both were from 10 to 12 AM) because we don't have a stake center yet. So, that was interesting to see our stake President walk in at 11 oclock from the other session. We can't wait for our new stake center. Anyways, Sunday morning before Conference the girls and I and Mom made pancakes and strawberries and whipping cream for breakfast. For lunch we all gathered for turkey sandwiches and Sunday night we had Nelson and Kelsey and their kids Amrie and Carson, Seth and Colleen and their three girls Nickie, Malaya, and Caylin, and Glen and Dayna and their little son Kade join us for Sunday Roast Beef dinner. Colleen and Dayna are due in about six weeks. Colleen and is having their first boy and Dayna is going to be surprised. But we think it's a boy. The pictures below explain more of the fun we had!!
Aubrey, Savannah and Aunt Janae(She's at EAC) playing the roll the ball with Baby Malin. Nelson, Amrie, Kelsey and Carson eating chips and salsa and getting ready for a grueling game of Acquire. Dad Lewis dominated us all.
Savannah Malaya and Aubrey putting on a performance for us. Look at all the beautiful pictures they drew for Daddy and GRandpa.
Aubrey, Savannah, Nickie and Malaya holding the beautiful fans they got from Aunt Julianne who just returned from a 3 month trip to China. Thanks Jewls!!
All the brothers and Dad wearing ties that Julianne bought for them in China. She got everything so Cheap!!! Including Jewelry.
Cousin Amrie and all her chubs are so KISSABALE! WE couldn't get enough of her.
Love the shirt. Cousin Elias and Savannah having an interesting conversation. He is the son of Jesse and Esther Wilcock. We will be seeing a whole lot more of them and when they finally move in!! Grandma, Malin, Grandpa and Elias. We love you guys!!
The last three pictures are all of us singing hymns together at Family Scripture Study. Below Mom, Seth and Colleen(she looks great for being 8 months pregnant. Baby Dallin is coming soon!
Dad, Nelson, Kelsey and Amrie.

Jen Wilcock(Jesse Wilcock's sister) Esther, Janae, Dayna and Glen. Dayna is due in 6 weeks. She looks great!!

I also wanted to express how much I love my husband what a great father he is to our children. He is so supportive and so loving towards me. He keeps me happy. I love you Malin forever!

Here's a picture that Aubrey drew of her Daddy. She was SO excited to give it to her Daddy. And here's asleep in my arms as I write this post. He had a long weekend.

Mischevious Malin June 4th,08

A usual occurance these days is catching Malin before he climbs on the table and spills any plate or bowl that was forgotten to be taken to the sink. He won this time......
He found a roll of toilet paper.....

Mrs. Malin

After giving Malin and the girls a bath I sent Savannah to go get Malin dressed. When they came back to my room, where I was folding clothes, this is what I found.......Mrs. Malin Lewis(aka Cinderella) This will not be a habit for sure but it was pretty funny for the moment.

Grandma Nelson and her children

Every summer Grandma Nelson's daughter and husband visit from Florida. So we all got together and had a party so we could visit with them. We met in Phoenix at the Central Ward Building and May 31, 08. That morning we went to the temple. We got to go with Mom and Dad Lewis and Rusten and Danae Keime. It was their second time going through. They're great people. Anyways, after the party, we got a picture with Grandma and her 4 children and their spouses. Only Uncle Brent's wife wasn't there. She is in Kansas City trying to sell their house. Her husband works in Phoenix and hopefully there house in Kansas will sell fast so they can be back together in Mesa. They are so excited to be back in the Valley with GRandma Nelson and 2 of their 4 married kids. Our mother and father are Sally and Malin. Sally in the red shirt and Dad right behind Grandma Nelson.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Click on the link: Just click on his picture(Faces of BYU..Ryan Innes) in the middle of the page and it will bring up the clip you can watch. It's awesome! He's got a dream!! And he will do it!!!