Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It is CRUCIAL that we vote YES on Proposition 102

A *YES* vote *on Prop 102* does one thing and one thing only - it definesmarriage as the union of one man and one woman in the Arizona Constitution,the highest law in our state. An amendment secures the definition ofmarriage in Arizona and leaves no interpretation for judges, politicians, or special interest groups.
The following links are videos that talk about what WIL happen if we don't get the majority to vote yes on Proposition on 102.
Make sure that
1. You are registered to vote
2. You get your friends to vote.
3. You VOTE!!
4. PRAY.
Here are the links: Please watch them!!
WE Must make our voice heard if we are going to beat this. Our children will be severely affected if we do not stand for what is true and for what we believe in. Our nation needs the family.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let the Excitement COMMENCE!!!

I will go to Thatcher this weekend to help my sister in her Senior Homecoming. She is kind of sad that my parents aren't there but glad that I can come and video tape and help her get ready for Royalty!!. She's on the Student Body and V.P. so is goin crazy planning.planning, planning. Lamar will come home on Sunday and drive to Thatcher with my parents and arrive Sunday night at 10 PM. Ahh can't wait!!!!

I also love my parents. They are so service oriented. My Mom was just called as the Relief Society President. She's been in Primary her whole life until now. She is doing a great job. She is so good about visiting the elderly. She's a wonderful example to me.

My Dad is in the Bishopric and often uplifts and inspires me. He also takes care of our family....he's a doctor. So I can call him when I need something(prescriptions) and save myself a trip to the doctor's offce. hehehe. He lets me know when I should freak out or chill out about illnesses. He doesn't do it all the time though....I dont' want to get him in trouble. If it's a serious illness, he makes us go see a doctor. I'm so grateful for the many talks with my dad in my teenage years when I was.....well, a teenager. He really loves me:) just kidding.......I'm not the favorite child.....just one of them. He taught me how to love life. and you have to "Work Hard, Play hard." Mom and Dad, please come home alive and bring us some souvenirs.......and Lamar!!!

Co-op Preschool Sept 23 and 25th

It was my week to teach Preschool and it was a great success!! The theme for the month was Our Country. First week was our nation, second week was our state, third week was our city, and my week was Our Neighborhood. We sang song about "The people in our Neighborhood" and had each child dress up as a different occupation and learned a little about them. Savannah is still in half day for the time being(it's a long story, brand new school, expansion not done yet........) so she is my helper. She loves it.
Here's Aubrey, Claire, Christian and Kohler. The kiddos saying the pledge of Allegiance. They're so cute about it!!
Claire was the baker. Christian was the Farmer Aubrey was a Doctor. Savannah was the Dentist.Kohler was the bus driver.
We also learned about the Letter D and the number 4. Right after Preschool we have to rush out the door to pick up carpool and take Savannah to school. Then it's home and time for NAP TIME!!

The week of September 15, 2008

I found Savannah reading Aubrey a story on trampoline on Monday before FHE. She loves to play school now that she's in school. Every tuesday night we watch Elias and Emma Wilcock. Here's a pic of Elias and Malin playing toys. Silly Malin with his eyes closed. Elias is so squishy. We can't get enough of him!! Wednesdays I teach piano all day....Home schoolers in the morning and publischoolers in the after noon. Esther watches my kids most of the time...thank goodness. Malin does school at night. So Wednesday's we usually eat out. Thus night we ordered BArro's pizza so mommy could finish her homework. Yum!! Sometimes we have Grandpa Lewis stay the night for Stake meetings. We love having him visit. Thursday is our veg day. Just school and a few piano lessons. Aubrey goes to preschool on Thursdays and tuesdays too. She LOVES that. Next post is about Preschool! Friday is date night co-op. This is 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave and everyone was asleep....I almost went on a date by myself....gratefully my husband woke up and took me to the best Elder's Quorum Party Ever?!!:)

Leaf and Feather Farm....and the Monkey 9/12

ON 9/12 we went to the Leaf and Feather Farm in Papago Farms behind Maricopa. It's a great nursery complete with all kinds of plants that thrive in Arizona and birds that sing and talk to you......and it has a monkey. Don't know why, but I just feel so bad for the monkey. No eternal mate to call his own. He's stuck in a cage all day. He rocks himself to sleep with his blanket(sign of a skitzo frantic monkey) and he is not afraid of you. Below Malin is feeding "Jack" a Fruit loop. If you can remember, he's the same breed as the annoying Monkey on Night at the Museum. He was pretty entertaining. It was so funny to see him stick his humanlike fingers throught the cage and grab the food. The KIDS LOVED HIM. We went with Esther and Jesse and they bought some great Orange trees for their backyard. We plan to do so after we get our winterd grass planted for the season......hopefully in 2 weeks. Our back yard looks like a mudhole at the moment. :)
Baby Malin is jsut too cute. He was loving being swaddled in his towel after bathtime.

After Summer Clearance

I love the after summer clearance toys. We got this pool for $10, regularly $50. It's so fun! The only person that wanted to look was our cute cousin Emma who lives right behind us. FUN!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In a Perfect World.

The following little blurb describes all the thoughts that have been going through my head...... In a perfect world ....... there are no dirty toilets. and no dirty kitchen floors. And no fighting children. No bills to pay No cars that break down. NO dirty dishes. NO never-ending laundry to fold No junk food that always seems to make it's way into your house. NO need to sleep from sleep deprivation and no weeds in your yard. BUT..... In a perfect world there is also: a wonderful husband for every wife. cute kids for every family. The Church of Jesus CHrist of Latter-Day Saints Joy that comes from hearing your child laugh. Family that is supportive in everything we do. Happiness in the most important things in life Eternal life. I'm glad that I have a piece of a Perfect World, despite the fact that I still live with all the negatives that come from not living in a Perfect World. It's easy for me to think that I have it hard because I'm pregnant for the 5th time in 6 years, or that I can't remember the last time I got a full nights sleep or watched a movie the whole way through. But oh my goodness, what do I have to complain about? I am healthy, I get to see my husband and kids EVERYDAY, I get be their mom everyday, I get to live in a nice home with all the ammenities that I easily take for granted, and I can have ice cream any day of the week?!! At least I'm not strapped to a bed in an induced coma so I can be kept alive. Why do I have to be reminded every day that I don't have it hard? So what if I feel really fat and want to be done being pregnant..........it's a wonderful blessing that I can be pregnant. So many woman can't get pregnant and I can breath and get pregnant......seriously:) I never want to take another day for granted because I'm "tired" or "my house is dirty". I will be grateful that I am tired from soothing a crying child or that my house is cluttered because I have the cutest kids ever. Life is great and I wouldn't have it any other way. Motherhood and wifehood is truly a blessing that I will not take for granted. Everyday is a gift. I am a happy MOTHER in Zion. And that is truly something to cheer about.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Love Autumn!!!

So, it's been a while.....I know. Life is full of fun and busy times. We have had a great past couple weeks. Savannah is doing great in School. All A's! She's passed her first two phonogram tests with 100%. She has to learn 70 phonograms. It helps that we are in a carpool so she has someone to walk to the playground with when I drop her off. She loves mommy to do her hair and she loves showing me all her homework. We just ordered some books from Scholastic Book Fair. Only $1 each!
I am doing very well in school. It's a great time for me to remember "Sarah".I get to use my adult mind and write and communicate in adult talk verses the toddler talk I talk all day. I have completed the first two weeks with 100% in everything. I set a goal in my last assignment to get a 4.0 in my Bachelors. Wish me well! I recently finished Breaking Dawn so I could discuss at Book Club. All I can say is I'm glad the sequel is over!! I had to read the book because I read the first three, but I just wasn't impressed with it. It is way too much info for young adults. Sorry sisters for that.!!! I prefer being a human. Poor Bella.
Malin goes to a ground campus class on Wednesday at WIU. He is loving it. He is getting a MBA in International Business......yes he is still in school. He is also a great help to me in my class. He lets me know when I need to stress and when a certain thing is not so important. Thanks babe! I love you. He recently put a WHOLE NEW A/C in our suburban!!! Mister not so acquainted with cars did the impossible!!! He fixed our car! Ofcourse, he had a lot of help from a step by step book and his good friend Rustin Keime, but he did it! I am so proud of him for overcoming one of his weaknesses........he did it so fast too!!!!And he saved us easily $1000. He's a keeper.
Aubrey is loving Preschool. She learned about the letter A her first week. I noticed a big A and a little a written on her wall last week. I asked who did it and Aubrey said, " I learned it at Preschool so I need to write it on my wall!!AHH!! We had a talk about that. She loves to pretend with her sister. She's good for Savannah because she helps her remember that we're "just pretending". Savannah seems to forget that sometimes. She's growing up too fast. We got our Autumn decor down from the attic last week and the girls have had a ball wearing their halloween costumes from last year. Aubrey already know what she wants to be this year.....Cinderella. She loves Princesses!!! She is so sweet and innocent and melts my heart.
Baby Malin is a talker!! He tries to repeat everything I say. His new word is lolo for cereal. He tells me when he "poopoos" and loves to point to all the cars and make the car sound. He has whole list of these things he can say that we often practice rattling off. Dog sound, cat sound, airplane sound, PaPa, Nana(Means Banana, Savannah and Aubrey), coocoo(cookie), Cracker, snake sound(ssssssss), and ofcourse BoBo(bottle) I gotta break him of that. He is still getting adjusted to nursery. And he is just stinking cute............
Here's a few pictures from our trip last week to Thatcher for Rikki's baby shower.I didn't get any pictures of the shower. But she got SO much nice stuff. Drew and Rikki got it made!! I love the baby room. They did a great job on it.
We also got to watch Leisel and Jillian in Spiritline on Friday night. They were flying everywhere and doing backhandsprings and backflips all over the place. They were more entertaining than the football team. Thatcher did win Safford......their biggest rival!! Heck yeah!!!
Ok, sorry, here's the pictures. Little Malin was the life of the party. He was all over the place. He almost ran on the field a few times. We sat down on the grass in comfay chairs so the kids could play.....you should have seen the stadium. It was packed! He especially loved the cheerleaders.
Savannah found a friend to run around with at the game. I never got her name.....they had good time together.Leisel is behind Malin. The short one in the front.Jillian is Freshmen and is the cutest one ever! She's a flyer and stunter on the team.Aubrey loved staying right by mommy. She's a little shy these days. But she's slowing growing out of it.Savannah found a new love....she loves to eat Bill Johnsons Barbeque ribs with her daddy. You should have seen her!!! She belongs on a commercial promoting barbeque ribs for Big Apple! It was hilarious.
WE also got to take the kiddos on their first four wheeler ride thanks to the Keimes. We went on Sept 5th. We went about 5:00, the weather was perfect. It was so fun!! The kids had fun playing in the dirt too. Probably just as much fun as fourwheeling. The kiddos were too cute. Malin especially loved the brm,brm sound.
Daddy and Malin had a fun ride together.
Can you find Baby Malin??

There he is!!Aubrey and MommySavannah and MommyTanner and Aubrey. Tanner's younger than Aubrey, yet bigger than her. We think they look like brother and sister. They both had cute cheesers right her.

Daddy and girlsBuds!Porter and Malin. They are a week apart.........so cute together. Malin was copying me(I was standing behind the camera trying to et him to smile and this is what he did. Too cute.

Mommy and Baby Malin . look close.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Vote for Ryan!!

Ryan is competing in a competition to get his voice on a LDS Music Artist CD.
So, we need your help!!! Go to this website:http://theneighborhoodjukebox.com/(Google "LDS Jukebox" if this link doesn't work) create a simple account on Lds Jukebox(you will get an email to confirm it. You must confrim it before you can sign in) , and then you will click on Jazz/Blues/R&B button. He has four songs to vote on. They are all awesome songs!! My favorite is "Home". On each song, you will click on "Make a Comment". That's where you can rate him from a 5 to a 1 (5 is the highest:))You can also add a comment that will show up on the homepage for that particular song. He's doing pretty good so far!! He has all 5 star ratings!!! Let me know if you have any questions. Go Ryan!!!!