Sunday, April 5, 2009

Aubrey February and March 2009

Aubrey's world centers around her mommy. She knows what 0+0 equals! She LOVES to read books with mommy. She is a sensitive one and very aware of her surroundings. She loved the stickers and lip gloss she got for Valentines. She had a great time planting a garden with mom and dad! We had the opportunity of planting a garden at a brothers farm in our stake. He opened up lots in his farm to help the stake fulfill our goal of being prepared. Aubrey also loves to be happy and always wants to do something engaging and full of learning. She had a fun time at Arizona GRand Resort for SPring Break. On February 16th Savannah and Aubrey played in the water on the trampoline. Only in Arizona! She had a fun time with her aunts who came to stay for a couple days in February in preparation for Ashlyn's blessing. She recently got her 4 year old shots and didn't even cry. I'm so proud of her. Unfortunately,she has 8 cavities and has to get dental work done on April 21st. But she loved her experience at the dentist. She got a cool new toothbrush from the dentist. One day mom decided to not clean the house and instead put the babies to bed and paint outside with her girlies. AUBREY WAS SO HAPPY. She painted a beautiful rainbow and learned the colors of the rainbow. She loved the zoo during SPring Break and asked so many questions about the animals. Like why do Flamingos not fall over when they stand on one leg...... and don't monkeys get tired on their arms? She enjoyed singing with her family at church ,"I love to see the temple" and made her mom and daddy cry when we practiced it at home. She is a pure joy and definitely keeps mom and dady referring back to the "Parenting Guide" She recently started dance class and asks everyday if its time for dance class. We love our petite,, no buns, little Aubrey!!

Savannah February and March 2009

Savannah has been busy! She is doing well in School and was on the Principal Pride (or Honor Roll). She lost her first tooth on Valentines Day Morning. What an event!! She had a fun time at the Arizona Grand Resort with her family and the Innes Family. She also had a good time at the Zoo for Spring Break. She is getting very good at reading and reciting her phonograms, and is learning how to add and subtract. She turned 6 on March 3, and got a camera! Yeah!(thanks to Her friend recently hurt her leg and she was SO worried about her. She made cookies for her and took them to her house and gave her some cute cards that she made all by herself. She told mom she was learning how to be a friend. She is SUPER DUPER at cleaning her room and knows how to organize it as good as mom(that's amazing.)

Where have I been?

Well, I'm finally back. I realized I haven't posted about what our family is up to since February 18th. It's been a long time! I am finished with my Biological Foundations of Psychology. It's been a whrilwind. I had an atheist class mate that was very hard to handle. He wanted to prove everything with a scientific method. It was a testimony builder for me that there are somethings in this life that cannot be proved with a scientific method, but rather we believe them because we have faith. And that is sufficient for me. The Lord is Perfect and therefore his works are perfect. What a blessing it is to know that. So our family is a bundle of emotions and a wonderful blessing in mine and Malin's life. We have been busy the past couple months. Here comes a lot of posts with lots of pictures!