Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Happenings.

Ok everyone, don't stop breathing. I have decided to post. This is a shocker, I know, but it must be done. Life is very busy around here and I need to write down what's been going on.
Daddy Malin turned the Big 3o on Dec 12th. On his bday he got everyone up and out of bed, and we all watched the sunrise together, he even planned it out and brought donuts, and hot chocolate. What great day! Here's a shot of dad and his kids sitting in front a big cotton bale watching the sunrise.
Aubrey and Savannah did so good in their Choir concert at school on Dec 10th. Here's shots of them.
Savannah played in Mom's piano Recital on Dec. 10th. Look how good her posture and finger postions are. She's gonna be a fantastic piano player.
We had Christmas in Thatcher this year with the Innes Grandparents and Aunts and Uncle. It was a full house with lots of laughter and fun! The kids got lots of fun stuff, too much to remember. Santa was so nice to them. (I need to find these pictures...)
Dec 31, Malin's sister Janae got married in the Mesa Arizona Temple to Matt Anderson of St David, AZ . What a beautiful sealing and wedding.! All the little girl cousins had matching tutu's , made by their wonderful mothers :) And the little boys had matching bow ties.
(and I need to find these as can see them on my FB until then.)
New Years was spent in Maricopa at Nelson and Kelsey's Hotel....I mean home. :) Had a fun Dartboard tournament and ate too much food.
January has been filled with many things.
Here's a highlight of what's been going on:
  • Mommy started Ground Campus classes( instead of online courses) at UOP. It has saved her life. She goes every Tuesday night from 6 to 10. She just finished a nutrition course and is now in a intro to film class.
  • Savannah and Aubrey are busy in school. They amaze me at how well they are exceling. Aubrey received the fairness award in her class. She's a sweetie. She has straight A's in her class. Savannah is doing great in school as well. She's getting better at math and reading, and always loves when she understand the concept without mom's help. Both girls are excited to start Scrapbooking club in February.
  • Sarah turned 27 on Jan. 14th, and was showered with a heart attack on her doorstep by some dear friends. She also received many phone calls, FB greetings, and love from her children and husband. Malin surprised her with a stay at the Hyatt and a concert of Jake Shimabokuru in the Orpheum. Jake is a world renowned ukulele he's very good. We also enjoyed eating at Cibo's in Phoenix, a small pizza eatery. SO GOOD. And we had a fun 3 mile run through downtown Phoenix. It was so FUN and Relaxing! Went too fast! (pic: Mom with her carrot bday cake)
  • Little Malin turned the big 3 on Jan 29th. He had a football cake and loved every minute of his party with his cousins at the park. He got dinosaurs and a wolverine costume, and fun boy toys!!(I will insert picks here.....)
  • Little Malin also does preschool with his cousin emma and Carson on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Daddy had a very severe case of bladder infection and was down for a good 4 days. Poor guy. We're so grateful he's all better!
  • Sav and Aub started dance class with Miss Jeanette and LOVE IT!! They have some good friends in their classes, lexi williams and netalia masters. Savannah says she can't show us hte dance they're learning...until the recital. It's a surprise, she says.
  • Little Ashlyn adds to the wonderful chaos with her little hands into everything. Oh, but she's a cute little mess, that's for sure.
  • Friday date nights are always a treat for mom and dad. We had dinner together, went shopping, watched some movies, and exercised. Good bonding times with the ones we love the most.
  • Aubrey started piano lessons with her aunt Esther!! Yeah!!
  • Acquire every Sunday with Lewis family always guarantees a good stress reliever.

I know this is very vague, so I will do better at doing a weekly blog entry so I can remember more details. That's our month! Please pray our home loan modification will work out for us.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Check out for the 2009 Happenings of the Lewis Life
Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My tan Summer babies. June 20th, 2009

Frank Dewey Nelson Reunion

On June 13th, we got to attend the Frank Dewey and Beverly Davis Reunion in Gilbert, Az. It was short and sweet. Grandma Nelson was so happy to have all her posterity in attendance . She was beaming from ear to ear.
Ashlyn and Grandma Nelson. 4th generation gap.
It was also Grandma Nelson's birthday so all the GReat Grandkids made a banner and walked out while singing happy birthday. Grandma LOVED it to say the least.

Chickens and Garden. Jun12, 2009

June was a great month for reaping the rewards of our hardwork. We had 6 chickens laying eggs and had a ball hunting for eggs every morning. We had a chicken that layed HUGE eggs and a chicken that wasn't so fertile. You can see what I mean in the pic below.
Aubrey loved looking for eggs with mom. Here's a dozen we got in 2 days.!
Our Stake Garden just exploded with produce...we had SO much vegetables!! It was a great feeling. If you want to feel successful at a garden, plant tomatoes and zucchini. In the back is green peppers, perfect for hot salsa.....mmmmm
Zucchini was coming out of our ears! We gave all this away at our family reunion later in the month.
Aubrey and the Green peppers.

Our Hidden Park.....shhhh June 10th, 09

Oh June 10th, 2009 we found a hidden treasure in Maricopa. Maricopaites, if you want in on the secret, talk to me. I won't reveal the secret on the internet.:) This hidden secret is the coolest, biggest, awesomest park in MAricopa. And it sits in the back of an unfinished subdivision in Maricopa. Imagine that, and unfinished subdivision in Maricopa. But this park is HUGE. and it has more swings that Pacana Park. And it's covered! We found it on the 9th, and the 10th we packed a lunch and came back to play!! The girls went all out and brought their cinderella tea set to use for utensils and plates. And even shared their things with Malin. We used only what we had in our kitchen at the time, beans, sandwiches, grapes, chips and water. :) It was so fun!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aubrey's Dance Recital Twirling Tots. May 09

This was Aubrey's first Dance Recital and she was a little nervous. She did SO good and made her mom and dad proud. She was very excited about her goody bag she got after it was all was FULL of princess things. Her teacher always said Aubrey was the one to show how each move was to be done and she oftened used Aubrey as the example of how to do a new move. That's my little perfectionist Aubrey. love you Aubrey!!
I tried to upload a video. but , it took forever!!! I will have to figure out an easier way to do it!

Mommy Daughter Outing....Hannah Montana Here we come!!May 24, 09

ON May 24th, 09...mommy took her three girls to the movies. Just the girls! Daddy and Malin were in Ajo helping the Lewis's move. We had a great time and LOVED the Hannah Montana Movie! So clean, inspiring and motivating! Mommy is tickled pink when she gets to spend some fun time with the girls she loves the MOST.
Sav and Aub, matching shirts and glasses. Even purses! REady for the movies!

Frye Mesa, May 23, 09

The day after Leisel's graduation, Grandma said she would watch this little bundle so we could....Drive towards this......Which turned into this.....And hope we didn't get this.....( obviously, we got a HUGE nail in our tire...ugh)so we could climb up this..... And slide down this!!
Daddy and Savannah bonded....
We also got a new Boxer puppy while in Thatcher.... named her Hollis. She's a pure bred boxer. WE LOVE THIS DOG. she is part of our family.
Malin had some bonding time with Uncle Ryan.
Jillian had some bonding time with Hollis
Malin had some bonding time with a lizard...........................
Baby Malin had some bonding time with a stick.....
Aubrey enjoyed the scenery and would only get her feet in. So the personality of a 4 year old drama queen.
Mommy had some bonding time with Savannah Hollis was worn out on the way home.
Uncle Lamar kept us entertained on the Motorcycle. Baby Malin kept saying MOTORCYCLE the whole time!!!He love motorcycles, to say the least!!
( for the record, Baby Malin was terrified of Hollis when we first got her. Now(6 months later), she LOVES Hollis and tackles her to ground and giver her kisses when she obeys his command to SIT. Man's best friend, I tell ya.)