Friday, September 28, 2007

Autumn..a time to be grateful

Oh how love autumn! I cannot stop talking about and thinking about how wonderful this time of year is!! The weather, is perfect, the sunsets are GORGEOUS, and I am a happy woman!!!
I never thought I could be this happy. Life is definately a struggle at times with three little babies, but I am so blessed to have such a gentle, spiritual man in my life that I get to call HUSBAND. He is so patient with me, and he is so motivating! He is always lifting me up with his kind words, and positive outlook on EVERY situation. I love my man. I hope to be like him someday.
This is the Announcement I had my friend Tiffany Nolan make for Malin's Bachelors Graduation back in June. It explains him perfectly. Also,HE JUST PASSED HIS 1st MASTERS CLASS WITH AN A!!!!!!! Yowsers!
He is in the process of putting in g sprinkler system so I wanted to post some pictures of the process. He's so tough, he dug the trenches all by himself! No trench diggers here. He's pretty excited about this project and we can't wait to have grass in our backyard!!!
Here is a trench that Malin dug from the front to the back. Go Babe!!
Here is the first signs of trenches in our backyard. I can't wait to post the after pictures when it's all done!
And then there's my three sweet kiddos. They have been so fun lately. Well ofcourse they're always fun! Aubrey is so cute when she talks because she corrects me if I don't say a syllable right. The other day I said" We'll have to ask Santa, with a lazy t.....and she piped up and said "No, Mom . it's SanTa." She's a smart cookie! I simple love her personality. She is dancing in this picture. Her and Savannah love to sing and dance to BARBIE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER. And there's Savannah, who is really getting good at sounding out words and noticing letters on signs and billboards. She's my little artist too. Oh, I have to mention something. The other day while waiting in the line of mothers to pick up their child from Preschool, Cari, Ethan's mommy was talking to me. She told me how Ethan was kind of shy to go to music makers, (I will post about that soon,) and didn't want to participate. So they went home and later that day, he said "Mom, you know how I told you I was kind of scared to go to Music Makers, and then after a while I started singing?" She said" yes. " Ethan then said,"Well, I started not being scared because Savannah was there, and she's, well, kind of 'cute!" It was too cute to hear that about my little Savannah. And when I told her the story, she just grinned from ear to ear and got SO embarassed. She now has a crush at Preschool.
And then there's my little Malin man. Just the other day he fell and bonked his forehead pretty hard and instantly had a goose egg. OH, I felt so terrible. It looks 10 times better now. He is at the stage where everything he can get a hold of is INSTANTLY in his mouth. UGH, so I have started clearing out bookshelves, and vacuuming,sweeping and mopping every night so he won't choke on anything or tear my books to shreds. He is making the cutest faces too!He loves to do piggy faces. And here's all the kiddos playing doll houses. Most of the time, Malin is not in the girls room playing dollies, but just for the pic I thought I'd put him in. I often find it quiet in the house(ofcourse when Baby Malin's asleep) and I can always find Savannah and Aubrey playing in their room together. Good memories for these sisters. Their favorite thing is playing "neighbors" with their doll houses.
And as for me, the mom, you ask, what is she doing to fill her bucket? Well, I have just started teaching myself how to play the guitar. My husband has a guitar, so why not learn how to play it?It's SO addicting. I now understand better how my piano students feel when they learn their first song on the piano. It's exciting! I can play Ode to Joy, Surf Rock, Yankee Doodle, and the G scale! Rock on Sarah!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Our Three Performers!!

A typical morning walk

Henry B Eyring Dedicates EAC Memorial Bell Tower

Henry B Eyring dedicates EAC Memorial Bell Tower

We had a marvelous time listening to an apostles voice this last weekend at the EAC Memorial Bell Tower. What a heritage Thatcher has. The ceremony was very well planned and made me cry to think of the great ancestors we have that have made the Gila Valley the place it is today.Ok, I'm cheesy, I know. Bro Eyring spoke about Sacrifice, Joy, and Gratitude for the blessings we enjoy in a free country. When an apostle speaks, he speaks with the power of God. It was SO amazing to be so close to him. I hope our girls will remember it.

Time is flying...

I've just discovered that life WILL NOT slow much as I want it to. I think my worst enemy is time. I never have enough time to do all I want to do! Anyways, I haven't posted for awhile, and my cousin Candace explained it very plainly....priorities!! This is my family journal, so I love doing it. But just not for long periods of time!!! So here's what's been happening since I posted almost 2 weeks ago!! Savannah and Aubrey were being silly(what's new?) and decided to put on Baby Malin's clothes. Oh these pictures don't even do justice!! It was so hilarious! The khaki shorts Savannah is wearing are like spandex on her, and their saggers on Baby Malin.......oh how grateful I am for laughing!! IT was definately a laughing moment in our home!! Savannah got her hair cut by her cousin Ashley Richardson. She just got it trimmed because she LOVES long hair, but she was SO good while in the chair and sat very still. Below she's with her aunt, also known as my cute sister Jillian. Isn't she adorable!! Ashley also cut my hair and did a FANTASTIC job! I love getting new haircuts! We went to Thatcher last weekend, Sept 8, and got to watch Leisel, my sister, perform with the THS Spirit Line, which she is captain of. She was so cute!! She even did 5 backhandsprings and a back flip right there on th footbal field. She's the little blond one in the middle of the first picture and the one at the top in the second one. Ofcourse, we watched the game too! Thatcher beat Phoenix Christian! Go THS!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Aubrey naps....everywhere

Below is a picture of Aubrey's choice for her napping spot yesterday. She fell asleep in her bed and then decided the floor in mommy's room was better. Anyways, She fell asleep at 2:30 and at 6:45 I HAD TO WAKER HER UP from her position on the floor. And for lunch yesterday my petite little 2 year old had two huge chicken tacos. She was stuffing them in. She is growing like crazy!

Babysitting Co-op...12 kids!!

So when you're blogging, you're always thinking about the next post you can put on your blog, right? Well last night we had good reason to post a blog. We are part of a babysitting co-op with three other families. Each family has 3 kids. We had 9 kids plus our own for a total of 12 kids for 4 hours!! I girl is not in the picture, in case you were wondering. And can I just say that my girls are mellow compared to all those boys!! They are full of energy! All and all it was a good night. No broken bones, no tears, and no poopy diapers. We played fun games, ate yummy food, watched movies, made crafts and played stick war outside. The boys loved that. Savannah and Aubrey especially liked to play with Brin and Tess Mix. They played well to gether. Needless to say, we crashed into bed as soon as they all left. We were exhausted!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Labor Day in Ajo

Labor Day Fun in Ajo, AZ

We had a relaxing weekend in Ajo for Labor day. Mom and Dad Lewis were gone on a cruise(Lucky) so we went down to keep Julianne and Jacob company and also Nelson and Kelsey and Carson, who were the official babysitters. We did experience a hard night when the ELECTRICITY WAS OUT FROM 1 O CLOCK SATURDAY AFTER NOON TO 6AM ON SUNDAY. 17 HOURS. I counted my blessings all night while we sweated the night away in the 90 degree weather. I would not make a good pioneer! Anyways, it came on in time to make the 9 AM church meetings. It was a great Sunday!! Monday we had Denise and Mark Moore come over and go swimming and BBQ. Mark Moore is a high school buddy of Malin and Nelson. They have the cutest little kids, Lauren and Thomas. Denise is a sweetheart. Love her! We came home that night and managed to get back to normal life before our crazy week began!

My sisters are a bad influence on my masculinity...