Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving with the Lewis Family

Aubrey says the silliest things....

A couple of days ago, Aubrey was trying to ask me a question and she kept reapeating the words "Can I" over and over again."Can I, Can I, Can I, Can I......." So I got a little impatient and said, Aubrey, Can you what?" And she sat up straight and said ," Mom, I'm singing the "Can I'" Song!!!"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Aubrey turns 3!

On November 10th 2007, we celebrated Aubrey's third Birthday in Ajo, AZ. her actual birthday was on November 14th. She loved opening her presents and watching everyone sing Happy Birthday to HER. She is such a sweet jewel. I love her more than words can describe!! Happy Birthday Aubrey! We love you!! Thank you to everyone who sent her cards and gave her gifts. You know who you are! She loves getting presents!! Aubrey loved blowing out her candles and making it "go Dark" She got this adorable doll from Grandma Lewis that sings cute cheers and attaches to your feet so you can do them with her. It's so fun ! And in case you might have forgotten how cute Baby Malin is, here's a sweet picture of him in his lion costume. He's so fluffy.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Savannah at Age 4(through her eyes)

This afternoon both Aubrey and Malin were sleeping so I decided to have a little fun with Savannah, since she is over the napping stage. I asked her these questions and she had a fun, silly time answering them!
How old are you? 4 How old will you be when you grow up? 5!!! Who is the funniest person in your family? Mommy and Daddy What is your favorite food? My favorite food is broccoli What is your favorite color? Um, purple What is your favorite animal? A zebra How come? Because they're so pretty. How strong are you? I'm very strong, LOOK!(she shows me her muscles) When you are sick who takes care of you? Mommy...duh.... Who is your best friend? Nickie, Malaya, Caylin ,Aubrey and Kylie What is your favorite toy? Barbies! What are you really good at? I'm really good at puzzles What do you want to be when you grow up?A mommy How tall are you? I'm bigger and strong and I can carry everything, and I can carry a big bag of marshmallows. How much do you weigh? 40 pounds and mom, you weigh 30 POUNDS!! What is special about you?I am good at drawing. and playing with friends What is your favorite place to go? Nickies' House What is the best thing about school?Show and Tell and Prize Box Do you have a Boyfriend? Ethan, but he's just my friend mom! What is your favorite sport? Soccer What color are your eyes? One's Blue and One's Green How many teeth do you have? "...(counts quickly) ...16 How old is mom? 17 How old is dad? 29 giggle, giggle What is your favorite movie?Cinderella What is your favorite shape? A heart with pretty colors on it. What is your favorite treat? Suckers What do you like? I like balls that bounce How many brothers and sisters do you want? I have a sister, a baby brother and another sister(NO, we're not announcing...) What do you like most about your mom? Her Pretty eyes. What do you like most about your dad? I love his nose, and he's nice and he plays with me.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Diaper Duty

A couple of days ago, Savannah was searching desperately for her Polly Pocket High Heel shoe. For those of you who have girls and Polly Pockets, then you know that trying to find a lost Polly Pocket shoe is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Well she didn't find it, of course. So this morning while changing Baby Malin's poopy diaper, I saw a green object in the middle of all the BM(bowel movement). I examined it closely and realized that it was Savannah's Polly Pocket shoe!!! Baby Malin was the culprit!! It had gone through his little digestive System and made it out alive! Maybe that was why he was so honory and whiny this morning........? you think? So I told Savannah, and she came and took a look. She couldn't believe it! Being a 4 year old, she wrinkled her nose and screamed, "Ew mom, he at my shoe!" she couldn't stop laughing! I asked her if she wanted me to get it out and wash it. She decided that was NOT a good idea. Me too. So, that's the beginnging of our Friday morning. It's gonna be a good day. And, yes, we have no pictures of the "Poopy Polly Pocket Pump". :)~

Monday, November 5, 2007

THOR, Grass, Music Makers, Shopping Carts and Coyotes

CHECK OUT THIS DOG! He's HUGE!! This is Thor, Chad and Carolyn's dog. We were at their house this weekend for the blessing of their new baby girl Brooklyn. Thanks Chad and Carolyn for a great Sunday! Brooklyn's a sweetheart! Okay so back to the real reason we came to their house..... to see the dog ofcourse......(just kidding)He's a NewFoundland(hope I spelled that right) and he weighs 120 POUNDS!!!!! He's really good around the kids. Baby Malin didn't seem to mind him at all, as you can tell by the picture.The girlies are VERY cautious when he comes in the house. And when they scream, he thinks they want to play so he gets right in their face! He was very entertaining to watch. I felt like I was in the movie," Honey I blew up the DOG!""Mom, what is this dog doing to me?"Here's the latest picture of our grass!! It's doing very well!! And really thick! Here's our lawn mower. Joe McFarlane, one of Malin's coworkers and good friend, gave it to us!! Wow what a blessing!! Malin is mowing it for the first time. Our little RUSTY(yes that is his official name) is scared of the lawnmower and was begging to go inside so he could get away from it. Too funny! He's getting big too!(not as big as thor though:)) Savannah at Music Makers with her friends Ethan and Alyssa. They were doing the "Funky Turkey". We are doing songs all month about Fall and Thanksgiving. We went to Ace Hardware today and I couldn't resist getting a picture of Baby Malin taking his first ride in the Shopping Cart Car. He really like honking the horn. Sweet Aubrey loves wearing those glasses.
Sorry if this picture makes you sad(because of the dead coyote)...but, Malin got his first Coyote!! How could I not post about that?!He went last weekend with bro Glen, and he did an awesome job calling them in. The Game and Fish actually want you to catch the coyotes, because they are so over populated, so I guess I shouldn't feel bad for the little feller, right?. Malin is quite the hunter.

Aubrey's latest Quotes

Aubrey is quite the talker and her imagination is flying.(Her sister teaches her so much) I have to write down some hilarious quotes that she has said recently. All day Savannah and Aubrey have been carrying around those sticks that you use to mix paint and pretending they were magic wands like Harry Potters. They would pretend to use there wand and turn me into different things like a frog, witch, monster etc. So later in the day Aubrey was disobeying me and I had to discipline her for it, and without skipping a beat she says," Mom, you're mean....... hurry Savannah, let's turn her into a witch!" Last week on Halloween, Aubrey was so excited to put her bumble bee costume on and go trick or treating. She was telling me how excited she was when all of the sudden she got this worried look on her face and she says to me, " Mom, all the kids are gonna tell me, 'Shew fly, don't bother me!'"