Monday, July 28, 2008

Pioneer Day in Thatcher July 19th,08

*Warning, this is a long post with no pictures* Read if you have the time. After the reception we drove to Thatcher that night. It was nice and cool there and we dreaded the day when we had to leave and go back to the hot valley. The next day was Saturday and we planned on going to the annual Pioneer Day Celebration. It was great!!! IT started with a parade and that's when the fun came. It started raining.......nonstop. But that didn't stop anyone. The parade stil continued and people smiled through the pooring rain, waving at people watching the parade. There was several floats depicting the new temple that will be coming to the Gila Valley very soon. After the parade, we made our way to the EAC footbal field for BBQ beef dinner, games for the kids, a wonderful presentation, and awesome fireworks. Ofcourse, the rain did not stop, but that didn't stop us from camping out in the football field and eating a YUMMY BBQ beef meal complete with beans, coleslaw, homemade rolls and apple and ice cream. My Dad was Master planner of the BBQ meal and he said, regardless of the rain, they still served 1400 people! Great job Dad! Sister Jillian had been practicing with a group of youth for a wonderful pioneer show complete with costumes, singing and dancing. They did it all in the rain and it was very well done and very sweet. Jillian stoled the show when she and her dance partner where the only ones that did a crazy lift comple with her going through his legs and being thrown in the air! They also recognized two modern day pioneers with a slide show and music and live DJ. Yes, all in th rain. The DJ was prepared for rain and he had everything covered so the show could go on. Immediately following the show, we were READY to get out of the rain. BUT, off went the lights and up went the fireworks. Smart move to get people to stay for the fireworks...WE couldn't see anything even if we wanted to leave! I'm so glad we stayed...that was the best part. The DJ played very patriotical songs while the fireworks went off nonstop and I have to admit, I started singing along and even cried a little. Especially on the song, God Bless the USA. And the cutest part was Aubrey yelling through the rain, " Mom, I can feel it in my heart." Just think of these words " If tomorrow all the things were gone, I'd worked for all my life, and I had to start again, with just my children and my wife. I'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today....cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away. " At that point, rain was the last thing on my mind and I thoroughly enjoyed being with my husband and kids watching fireworks in the POURING RAIN. All we could do was laugh and smile and kiss our kids. MEMORIES! I love my family. They are so good to me. They make me so happy. So, you can guess why we don't have any pictures?! WE attended church on Sunday and enjoyed leftover BBQ beef and homemade rolls for Dinner. Mom insisted we leave the girls to visit Grandma's house for the weekend. They were so excited!!! It was so funny as we were leaving. Savannah kept saying ," Mom, are you leaving yet? I need to go play!" Needless to say, they had a great time and G&G spoiled them! They went to the library, ate lunch with Grandpa Doctor at the hospital, went swimming at Konopnicki cousins house, played slip and slide, got their hair done beautifully every morning by Aunt Jillian and even got used cheerleading outfits from Aunt Leisel and Jillian. That's what happens when you're aunts are in spiritline:) They even taught them a Thatcher Eagle cheer. They also enjoyed Mcdonald's, playing the Wii, and Grandma gave them some chores too. Good! They're good little workers. Grandma said they fell into bed everynight. They played hard. Malin and I picked them up Thursday night the 24th, in Globe. We were so happy to be back together as a family. I got SO much done at home that week. WOW, it's amazing how much I can do with only one kid at my feet. I forgot! Baby Malin was my little side kick as I organized my whole filing cabinet, sanded and refinished an old console table that I have been wanting to do for a whole year(It's been sitting in our garage), deep cleaned the garage, organized my pantry complete with labels, cleaned and sanitized the whole house in 5 hours(that never happens with three kids), and ofcourse took lots of naps and watched movies. I missed my girls, but oh it was a good feeling to get caught up on some much needed projects. I even went on a date with my Husband.

Brooke and Amron's Wedding July 18th, 08

My first cousin, Brooke Richardson, got married for eternity in the Mesa Arizona Temple on July 18th, 08 at 9:00 AM. What a beautiful couple they are!! It was a SCORCHING day and we were indeed grateful for the A/C in the Temple:) Aren't they so beautiful??!!!
Savannah, Aubrey and Malin had a great time staying cool outside the temple while waiting for us. Aren't they cute? Poo Baby Malin, that's not gel in his hair, it's sweat.....But he's happy so we're not complaining.
The Beautiful Mesa Arizona Temple behind him.
After the wedding we ate as a family with Drew and Rikki, Mom and Dad and girls at Mills Mall and did some shopping also. Then we got to see 3D and 4D sonograms put to music if Drew and Rikki's baby boy who is due in October. IT was SOOOO sweet. I made me forget all bad days and terrible headaches I have been having with this baby and remember there is a beautiful result to this thing called Pregnancy......We love you Drew and Rikki and can't wait to see little Brock Thomas. After that we went to Cabela's since we were so close. The kids enjoyed looking at all the stuffed animals and fish tank. But they loved this swing in the front lobby, of all things:) Baby Malin put on a show with his dance moves in the lobby while we waited for Grandpa and Dad who were shopping.....usually it's the guys waiting for the girls, but not when you're at CABELA's.:)
The reception was SOOOOOOOOOOOBeautiful. Aunt Lori has quite the eye for decorating. The theme was Summer Fun. It was so cute!!!Here is Mom and Dad Innes. Dad's eating...... Here's the centerpiece. Yes, there is real sand and a real fish in the bowl. The food was.......delicious..... Aubrey made a friend with a little boy named Jacob. I'm not quite sure who he is related to. but Aubrey would not leave his side. Who knows, maybe they'll meet again in 20 years....
Cousins Rachel, Emily, Callie and Sister Leisel and Aunt Martha. Rachel and Leisel were in charge of the Sweet Shoppe table. Martha was the Master planner of it all. It was a HIT! If you look closely, you'll see all different kinds of candy that are color coordinated with the wedding colors. You were to take a bag that said on it "Sweets! Thank you for your sweetness! Love, Brooke and Amron" What a great idea!!
The cake was so pretty! And the little cakes were SO yummy.
The Richardson Family. Uncle Nelson is my Mom's Brother. He is the ONLY boy of 10 kids. Yes, 9 girls and 1 BOY. He is a pretty speial guy. We love this family so much. My younger brother Drew was his best man when they were married....he was 2years old. CUTE!
Aunt Lori owns a vinyl letterin gbusiness. She put this vinyl on the ground in the middle of the dance floor. On the front doors of the church, she also had a similar logo. Too cute!!!! The beautiful couple.
Brooke pinning the corsage on her dad.
a fun entryway display..... Aubrey biffed it on the asphalt in front of Cabela's and had cute little line down the front of her face. She cried awhile but forgot about it soon after.
Savannah had a great time with her Konopinicki cousins. Especially cousin Mitchell who she danced with nonstop. She loved the Sweet shoppe too......ofcourse.
Malin and Sarah...7 years and almost 3 & kids later.....and they're still in love.

Daddy bonds with his kids July 11, 08

I am just posting this so I won't forget to write about it. Eventually I will have Malin write about their trip camping and include some pictures too. Come back soon to see if it's done! Sarah

Monday, July 21, 2008

Too Amazing not to post....

Ryan sent this picture to me recently, so I need to share. When Ryan, my brother, was a part of BYU Vocal Point, the group was asked to be the entertainment at The First Presidency Christmas Party. After the night was over, they got a picture with the prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley. This was Christmas 2007. My brother is the short one standing on Hinkcley's right side. What a POWERFUL picture.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This past weekend was one to remember.....

This past weekend was our annual Lewis Sisters Retreat. It was so uplifting! I learn so much from these girls! I wish I had a picture when we are all dressed up with no where to go,but, we had so much fun relaxing, who has time for getting ready when you're relaxing? We had a rough time getting there as my car overheated and we had to abandon it on the side of the road and call a tow truck.........but, we found out today that all is well with the engine, it just needs a new fan and new oil. oh what a relief! 2 and a half hours later and good laughs about memories of two pregos(Colleen and I) standing on the side of the freeway checking under the hood and directing traffic, we finally made it to our destination! Dayna was in charge this year and found a wonderful house that rents out nightly. It was SO nice and cozy and came with a pool, big screen TV, in the ground trampoline, etc. We all went to the temple and I was able to attend the endowment for my cousin for who is getting married next week. It was so uplifting.
Some other fun things we did were bow making.(can you see all the bos we made?)

Swimming...Having Julianne's yummy Chinese DinnerOn her Authentic CHINAAnd having scripture Study, White Elephant Gifts, watching a great Movie called "Dan in REAL Life." It is highly recommended. Only one bad part. THanks for the memories girls.

NOW FOR THE HILARIOUS PART.......Malin took all three kids camping while I was gone.

That post will be coming soon.

Independence Day in AJO, AZ

The party in Ajo was definately one to remember. With 27 people under one house, 10 of those under the age of 3(correct if I'm wrong), it was a zoo! The girls had SO much fun with their Keeler cousins and actually cried for ten minutes when they said goodbye. Thanks to Mom and Dad for hosting everyone and for Dad who had to sleep on the couch........he's a good guy.Baby Malin was a hoot trying to talk to everyone in his own language. We had a great time swimming, eating, relaxing, playing fun games and watching the fireworks!!! The ones not pregnant or nursing had a great time playing baseball one day and dodgeball the next day. What a wonderful nation we live in. I hope and pray that our leaders will remember their forefathers and what this country is founded on. Happy Fourth of July!!!
Below: the girls ,and Keeler cousins, took over Grandma's hose that she was using to water the lawn and had a water fight!!. The weather was actually nice outside so we all had a good evening talking on the porch. Fourth of July morning with all the kids around the patriotic table. Aunt Carolyn did great decorating! Aubrey is in the green T-shirt(jammies) and Savannah is in the middle on the right side. Savannah in the motion of jumping off the diving board. Grandma and Grandpa have a great pool. Aunt Janae and Miss Aubrey playing in the pool.
I have some great pics of the kids at the parade. I will post them soon as I get them from Aunt Janae.....stay tuned......
Fireworks!! Malin was is in awe with the fireworks!! I'm surprised he didn't cry. They didn't phase Aubrey, she fell asleep. And we all endured Savannah's screaming everytime a firework went off. On Saturday we watched Jacob and Julianne in their swimmeet. They did a great job!
It was pretty hot at the swimmeet.especially for pregos and babies, so we didn't stay long. Baby Malin was ready to jump in....he was so hot. Also, Daddy and Uncles were asked to help time for the swimmeet......see if you can find them in the background. Savannah was so busy while we where there. So much to do!!Baby Malin and Aubrey in their FAVORITE OUTFITS!!!
Baby Malin had a blast playing ring around the rosy with all the cousins his age. Kade, Emma, Carson, and Malin.
A Good shot of his Molar. He has them all in and boy are we glad......he's much happier.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FHE's are so fun!!

I have had alot of fun with the FHE packet group that I am a part of. On June 30th, we had a lesson on Families. We talked about how each member is important to a family and each person brings different qualities. Beforehand, I put each ingredient for CCC's into ziploc bags. I gave each person two or three ingredients and told them they could start eating it. Ofcourse, everyone's response was "EW, no way!!". Then, I pointed out that if we put all the ingredients together it would make something wonderful!! So we took turns putting our ing. into the bowl and soon enough we made something yummy!!! Then we summed it up with this: " If we try to be alone and do everything ourselves, our life can be pretty boring and dull, jsut like the individual ingredients, but if we all come together and be a FAMILY, we can make something wonderful, something ETERNAL" It was a great night. Aubrey conducted,(they love conducting and it gives them practice at talking to people), Baby Malin led the music,(yes it was hilarious, we contained our laughter) and Savannah said the prayer and the scripture. Daddy gave moral support to each person. Mommy gave the lesson. I love my family. What a blessing it is to know that I can be with my family forever, even after this life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ gives us that perfect knowledge. I am so indeedly grateful for the true and full gospel that is on this earth to guide us. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have a plan for us.


Savannah and Aubrey are best friends. They have been playing pretend the past few days nonstop!! I love seeing my children play together and actually liking it. Below Savannah is helping her baby go to sleep. She's singing her songs and rubbing her eyes(Like mommy does) She is five, but still loves dollies and barbies. Aubrey got an American Doll look alike from a yard sale last week and loves dressing her up and laying out her clothes. Here she is with all the accessories. And ofcourse they are both in their swimsuits. They LIVE IN THEIR SWIMSUITS.

It's Wonderful!!!

Baby Malin, as you know,loves balls. Anything round is a ball as far as he's concerned. Even the clock is a ball. Anyways, on SAturday , 6/28/08, Daddy was relaxing on the couch after a long HOT day in the heat doing yard work. He was watching a baseball game. Baby Malin came in the room, saw what was on TV and automatically started saying 'Ball, Ball" and he pretended to throw a ball. He went and sat on Daddy's lap for 10 minutes just saying ball, ball! Daddy had to leave so he put Baby down and left the room. Next thing we know, Baby Malin had pushed a chair in front of the TV and this is what he was doing. Too funny! Daddy Malin was so grateful to finally have someone that likes to watch sports with him!!! *Push pause on the playlist before watching this.*

Malin got a haircut....

6/26/08 Baby Malin needed a haircut REALLY bad. His hair grows SO fast. Here's his before pics:
Here's the after pic: