Monday, January 26, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Six Words

My wonderful cousin Candace posted about describing life in just 6 words. I thought and thought about what 6 words described my life. Here's what I came up with:
I Compose Life With My Thoughts.
These words came from this really uplifting quote:
" I compose my life with my thoughts. Just as a musician composes a symphony with notes. My daily life will unfold as a composition of what I believe about myself. I will make it beautiful!"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"More Dirt"

Aburey and Malin helped us dig holes to put in these free stepping stones we found out in the desert. Aubrey did it in style.
Baby Malin was slave labor in his pajamas. We put the dirt in his dump truck and he would push to a place where we wanted him to dump it. WE heard "More Dirt" all day.

Aubrey's photo shoot.

Aubrey loves to take pics with my camera.....Savannah took this one and Aubrey took the rest. She did pretty good!

When the men go hunting...we go to Thatcher!

Malin went on an over night hunt with some friends from our I took my first trip with all 4 kids to Thatcher. It was a great relaxing time. We played outside in the leaves, saw the chickens,played in the canal, watcher Leisel and Jillian cheer at Bball game, and made bows!!
I got a haircut by my new sister inlaw, Chelsea!! Yeah! I love it!!

It's January and we are having fun!!

We have a chocolate bandit on our hands....and it's not mom. It's.........
Savannah and Aubrey went to a Tinkerbell party for Cara Mia Nolan and her AMAZING mom made these adorable tutu's and wings. They had a great time to say the least.
Baby Ashlyn is a chunker.
Baby Malin is a ham and a half. This is how daddy gets the boy to sleep. Gotta love it.

New Years Eve and Day 2009

New Years Day we met with the Lewis family in Tempe for family pictures. I got some snapshots with my camera but Aunt Duraye got some great shots professionally. Then we all stayed at the church in Tempe for the New Years festivities. IT was so fun! And my first time playing B-Ball since the baby was born. It was a great feeling to not have a baby in the tummy. This picture is a tradition...every November.
A fun candid shot of Aunt Duraye showing some pics on her camera. Jacob, Gpa Lewis, and Janae
G & G with all the!
Uncle Seth entertained the girls so they wouldn't roll in the grass and get their dresses dirty while we were waiting to get ourpictures. He told them they couldn't smile.....
All the mommies with nursing babies......Carolyn was the only one not nursing.....instead she's prego.
All the grandsons...... couldn't get them all to sit still. Imagine that!!
Mom and Ashlyn
Dad and Ashlyn
G & G Lewis. Handsome couple
Our kiddos.
Our family
All the Lewis Women

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lamar and Chelsea Innes..Sealed for Time and All Eternity.Dec. 27, 2008

Lamar went and did it! He drove my parents crazy and got married 8 weeks after he got home from his mission AND 2 days after Christmas. Yes, he is married!! And he couldn't have picked a better bride. WE love her. And she knows how to cute hair too:) Next sibling that gets married...please don't do it 4 weeks after I have a baby.. The camera isn't nice. Leisel, that would be you.:) All in all, it was a good day. Not as bad as I was planning on. The baby didn't get sick. She's a hefty little thing....The kids were tired by the end of the day. We ended up getting a hotel and relaxing there for the night. That was a nice treat to a long day.
AFter the sealing we went to a luncheon til 3 and then we drove to Tucson for a Reception. Chelsea is from Tucson.
Tylynn was a good helper with the baby.
Malin was a stud in his cumberbun and bow tie....Thanks Danae for the outfit. Chelsea and Ashlyn Baby Malin needed to take a breather during the dance and this where we found him. Hilarious! Mom, please send me the other pics when Ryan and Lamar joined him on the ground.
This little girl(I don't know her) wanted to hold the baby so bad. So we let her while we danced.....and I even got to dance the Macarena. Yippee!This was at the end of the reception......2 little girls were ready to be DONE.Aunt Jillian and Savannah. Adorable,