Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our Hidden Park.....shhhh June 10th, 09

Oh June 10th, 2009 we found a hidden treasure in Maricopa. Maricopaites, if you want in on the secret, talk to me. I won't reveal the secret on the internet.:) This hidden secret is the coolest, biggest, awesomest park in MAricopa. And it sits in the back of an unfinished subdivision in Maricopa. Imagine that, and unfinished subdivision in Maricopa. But this park is HUGE. and it has more swings that Pacana Park. And it's covered! We found it on the 9th, and the 10th we packed a lunch and came back to play!! The girls went all out and brought their cinderella tea set to use for utensils and plates. And even shared their things with Malin. We used only what we had in our kitchen at the time, beans, sandwiches, grapes, chips and water. :) It was so fun!!


Sara said...

Looks tell! :)

Felton Family said...

I love the picture with Malin and Ashlyn in the swing. Too funny! I'm gonna have to try it with Brooklyn and Tye:)